Parousia Debuts New Music Video On Sports And Entertainment Today Cable TV Show

Let’s take an in depth look at Parousia’s recent appearance on Spectrum Cable, featuring four music videos from the band, including the debut of ‘Life Is the Real’ on ‘Sports & Entertainment Today’, cable TV show, produced by Judy Ann, in association with Night Life Magazine.

Producer Judy Ann / Sports & Entertainment Today

The show initially broadcast on April 20th in Niagara County and on April 21st in Erie County.

For anyone who missed it, you can view the videos from the show for free with this link:

To recap, on the ‘Sports & Entertainment Today’ show, you will see four music videos from a few of Parousia’s best-known songs.

First up, is a premier of Parousia’s most recent music video titled, “Life is the Real”, featuring the title track from the band’s “Life is the Real” album (1985).

The video is composed of live clips from music venues in Western NY and Southern California. Plus, photos that illustrate the long history of the band from the late 70’s to the present day. The video clips you will see in the video are from six shows:

  1. The Time & Space show by Parousia in Kenmore, NY. (1985) at a club called The Plant-6, where the band adopted a sci-fi look influenced by Stanley Kubrick and George Orwell. With musicians Patt Connolly (vocals/flute/keyboards), Garth Huels (guitar/vocals), Robert Lowden (bass/guitar/vocals) and Gerry Cannizzaro (drums)
Parousia – Time & Space Show – Plant6 (1985)

2. On home turf performing in Buffalo, NY at a venue called “The Chamber” (1986), featuring Bill Simms a new addition on keyboards. The Chamber began in 1984 when the band moved into the second floor of a warehouse at the corner of Elmwood and Kenmore Ave. and transformed it into the artsy performance venue known locally as “The Chamber”. It was the birthplace of the band’s most ambitious material.

Parousia – The Chamber, Buffalo NY (1986)

3. On the beach in Southern California at Bogart’s Marina Pacifica, Long Beach, CA, (1988) a live broadcast for “the Hollywood Showcase “, a TV show featuring the best up-and-coming musical talent in Southern California.  With musicians: Patt Connolly (vocals/flute), Robert Lowden (guitars/vocals), Gerry Cannizzaro (drums) and featuring Marty Leggett from Reno, Nevada on keyboards, a recent edition to the band-line up.

Parousia – From the sandy beaches of sunny Southern California

4. In Los Angeles, CA at Club 88 (1989) performing Club 88 became the center of attention in L.A., at the height of the punk / new-wave movement hosting bands like, The Go-Go’s, Berlin, Missing Persons, Black Flag, Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few.

Parousia at Club 88, Los Angeles CA (1989)

5. From the world-famous sunset strip, it’s Parousia at the legendary Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California (1989). The clips feature guitarist Dudley Taft, from Seattle Washington who recently joined the band.

Parousia at the Roxy Theater – West Hollywood, CA (1989)

6. Parousia at The FM Station (1990), the most popular rock venue in North Hollywood at that time. Located in the San Fernando Valley, The FM Station was a favorite watering hole for many of the music industry’s shiniest of stars. On any given night, you could find the members of Motley Crue, Kiss, Guns and Roses, Great White, Metallica, Motorhead, plus the best local talent, anxious for a grab at the brass ring.

Parousia – The F.M. Station, North Hollywood, CA. (1990)

Next up is the music video “Miss Ogyny”, the song that launched Parousia from local to regional recognition when “Miss Ogyny” was featured on the first home-grown 97 Rock album “Buffalo Rocks” (1981). The music video is dedicated to the late Ms. Kim Watts from Kenmore NY, a vocalist with Parousia from August 1978 to May 1981; she parted ways with the group over “creative differences” and long-range plans in general. Regrettably, someone edited-out a few seconds from the video, over something that someone found objectionable, I guess…

Parousia – “Miss Ogyny” from the 97 Rock album, “Buffalo Rocks” (1981)

Next up, things take a turn into the Twilight Zone with Parousia’s nightmarish music video “Lie Awake.” A mini movie that places the viewer in the mysterious world of shadows and lucid dreaming. Featuring a rare clip of the band performing live at ‘The Chamber’, Buffalo, NY (1986).

What are YOU looking at…?

The next music video is called “The King of Christmas” a holiday rocker written and recorded by Parousia in 2019 when the band reunited in Hollywood at Saturn Studios to record new songs. The music video “King Of Christmas” was filmed and edited in the city of Los Angeles (2021) and shows a stark contrast between the uber-rich mansion dwellers and the uber-poor living on the street in tents and shanties. Both reside side-by-side on “the boulevard of broken dreams”. The video reminds us that in a time of holiday celebration and abundance to not forget those who are far less fortunate.

Merry Christmas – now fork over your loot, lol.

If you are interested in hearing more of the band’s music and videos, you can follow Parousia on their Facebook page at: music streaming available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio and all major streaming sites! Watch for new music videos on the band’s YouTube pages:


Parousia April 20, 2023 Music videos throughout the years

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