Parousia Rehearsal at All Saints School in Riverside – Winter 1976

Parousia’s first consistent (and not at someone’s house) rehearsal place was in various parts of All Saints Elementary School, located on Esser Ave. in Riverside, Buffalo New York.

All Saints School, Esser Ave. Riverside.

All Saints School, Esser Ave. Riverside.

Every Sunday, Parousia rehearsed at the School through the winter and spring of 1976 from noon until 5pm.  The school was our place of choice because it had a piano and an organ available so that Steve Soos could practice with us.  Although at times, Steve was just too busy to join in.  Parousia still didn’t have our own portable keyboard yet but that would soon change with the acquisition of the Vox Jaguar Organ in the spring of 1976.  Sometimes we would play in the main hall of the school near the front doors and a crowd of people would gather outside and watch us play through the glass windows.  We liked having the audience peek in and it was a good motivating factor for us to look and sound as if we knew what we were doing.

Now that we had John McGovern as a lead guitarist (and sound technician), we were playing songs like they were meant to be played and not just ‘jamming’.

We were rehearsing the following set of songs:

Set 1:
Angie (Rolling Stones), Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Spinning Wheel (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), Day Tripper (Beatles), Show Me The Way (Peter Frampton), Summer Sky (an original by Barry), Black Magic Woman (Santana), Tickle My Fancy (an original).
Set 2:
Chameleon (Herbie Hancock), Eight Days a Week (Beatles), All my Lovin’ (Beatles), Hey Jude (Beatles), Can Can Polka, Play my Guitar (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Birthday (Beatles), Baby I Love Your Way (Peter Frampton), Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival), I’m Free (the Who), Ballad of ‘The Wasted Mind’ (original song).
Set 3:
House of the Rising Sun (the Animals), (You’ve Got to Change Your) Evil Ways (Santana), Can’t You See (Marshall Tucker), the Bunny Hop, Hokey Pokey, Spanish Eyes, Theme from Mash.
Set 4:
(Been a Long Time Since I) Rock & Roll (Led Zeppelin), Space Truckin’ (Deep Purple), La’ Grange (ZZ Top), Jumping Jack Flash, (Rolling Stones) You’re Still the One (Orleans), Satisfaction (Rolling Stones), Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry), Wild Thing (the Troggs), Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple), Keep on Rockin’ Me Baby (Steve Miller), Communications Breakdown (Led Zeppelin) , Suffragette City (David Bowie), Whole Lotta’ Love (Led Zeppelin) and A Hard Days Night (Beatles).

As you can see, we were still playing songs like the “Hokey Pokey” and the “Bunny Hop” in hopes that All Saints would consider us to perform at one of their many lawn fetes which drew an audience of mostly the young, the elderly and those who loved free beer (mostly Koch’s as i recall).

Parousia Band review in The Buffalo Rocket Newspaper January 5th 1976

Parousia Band review in The Buffalo Rocket Newspaper January 5th 1976

Setting up at All Saints.

Setting up at All Saints.


Our Winter Rehearsals were at All Saints School on Esser Ave, Riverside


Parousia Winter 1976 Patt, Barry Mike, John


Patt Connolly & Mike Newell- Let’s have sax!

(5) John & Barry 1976

John & Barry 1976


John McGovern, Joins Parousia Feb 8th 1976

(7) Patt Connolly Flute 1976

Patt Connolly Flute 1976

(8) Mike Newell Bass Guitar 1976

Mike Newell Bass Guitar 1976


John McGovern Lead Guitarist Audio Engineer & True American


John McGovern & Barry Cannizzaro Learn a new song


Mike Newell, John McGovern, Barry Cannizzaro. America & Jesus too


Carol Geiger was Parousia’s fan and good friend


Don’t forget to move the desks back in place!

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  1. Barry Cannizzaro
    June 3, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    AHHHHH; the good ‘ole days folks. Let me tell you a tale that I think you’ll “get a big kick out of”; at least I did. Yeah; my brother was right; we used to practice with my band Parousia during our early years at All Saints School at 205 Esser Ave. in good ‘ole Riverside; either in the main school hallway near the gym; or even on an upper floor in one of the classrooms. Yeah; ‘dats’ right; we’d break our backs along with everything else just to practice our music sets just for one day; then we’d have to take everything down again and carry all of our equip. back down the stairs again. What a b….! What can I say; we were a bunch of music hungry addicts willing to do anything for a music fix. You know how it goes my musically inclined crazy ass bastards! Well; on one occasion Steve Soos (our first keyboard player); my brother (Jerry ‘da drummer); and myself (Barry; ‘da dim witted guitarist) were helping out Father Hayes; pastor of All Saints Church (and supervisor of all school and church functions) at a German Festival they were having in the gym (cafeteria). While all of us were on stage setting some tables up, along came a man named Ed (a very good natured man with a handicap); who was cousin to my brother’s friend, Alan Swan; for any of you Riverside fans out there that may know the Swans. (This was when Riverside was a very safe place to live; waaaay back in the early 1970s; but NO MORE). Ed stopped us and asked, “Hey, you guys play in Parousia don’t you?” I then said “yes Ed we do; why do you ask?” He said “great; then I’d really like to hear some rock ‘n roll music; how about playing some rock ‘n roll music for me and the rest of the crowd?” I said back to him “well Ed; we’d love to but what about the German band that’s hired to play for this event; won’t they get mad?” Ed said; “I doubt it, but I’ll check with them first; and if I get it cleared with them will you play some rock?” I said “yes my friend; we’ll play some rock for you.” Just then I noticed the look of disdain on the face of Steve Soos and my ‘bro had a bit of a sour puss also; and said “c’mon guys; cheer up; this may be our first big break in Hollywood; ‘ya rummies”. They reluctantly agreed to do so. Just then I noticed on stage there was an upright piano for Steve to play; a full drum set for my brother to play; and a; gulp, upright bass for me to play. Holy Nightmare Batman; I never played an upright bass before! To make matters worse; it was a FRET-LESS upright bass; which really made me freakin’ fret (Giggidy)! My brother Jerry said, “Don’t worry about it ‘ya moron; just do the best ‘ya can and fake it the rest of the time if you have to; we’ll carry your fat ass!” I said back in return: Well; since you put it that way; I’m willing to give it a whirl. Within about 10 minutes Ed came back giving us “the green light” and “the all clear” to use the band’s instruments. We told him thanks and then went on our merry way selecting our 2 songs we were going to play. We chose “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by the Rolling Stones; and “Day Tripper” by the Beatles. Now it was “crunch time” and we were ready to start the show. I remember sliding my hands and fingers across the fret-less neck of the upright bass just like I would slide my hands across the naked bosom of some “hot little mama” on prom night. I can dream can’t I players! Somehow; someway; I was actually keepin’ up with my band members. Praise the Lord; it was a miracle (being in a Catholic School and such; ‘ya get me)? Anyway; to our amazement; the crowd started to get up and dance on the gym floor. How they cheered for more. I’m telling ‘ya dogs; it was like a Catholic version of American Bandstand! Dick Clark (God rest his soul) woulda’ been damn proud. We were stoked over this. After we finished our songs the crowd really roared! What a trip! Hey Mikey; ‘dey liked us! Who would of thought? Ed came over and thanked us over and over again for playing some electrifying rock; and getting the place jumping. Even Father Hayes (who later became Monsignor Hayes) came over and said: “Good job; lads!” And for Father Hayes to pay you a complement; we knew we did something right. He was usually strictly business, and as serious as a heart attack. I really feel that this event was a crucial turning point or crossroads in our early career; inspiring and motivating us to push ever forward with our band Parousia. Anyway; the moral of the story is “follow your dreams folks”; whatever they may be; you never know what may happen. All right; enough “Al Qaeda chatter” for now; let me sign off by saying: “Keep on rockin’ pilgrims; keep on rockin’!” Peace out! Barrymannia

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