Managers and Other Co-Conspirators

Parousia Manager and booking agent - Marianne Smith 1992
Colin Hilborne. Producer of the 'Turnaround' EP. 1986
Colin Hilbourne. Parousia Manager from 1985-1988 Bob's Big Boy, Culver City, CA.
Colin Hilbourne- Hangin' out at Broadway Joe's - 02.14.1986
Colin Hilborne - producer of the "Turnaround" EP 1986
Backstage Productions. Rick Falcowski & Dave Buffamonti
Rick Falkowski & Dale Anderson 1981
Rick Falcowski and Marsha Falcowski
Buffalo Backstage August 1st, 1981
Dave Buffamonti - Buffalo Backstage productions
March Buffalo Backstage mag_1981
Backstage productions presents Parousia at Fast Annie's 12.05.1981
Backstage Productions management Dave Buffamonti
Adventure productions business card with Alan and Georgine
Georgine Tramontana - manger and booking agent with Adventure productions
Adventure productions Management 1980- Georgine Tramontana
First booking agent- Phillip Christopher of Multi-Media Attractions
Multi Media Attractions Phillip Christopher (Big Wheelie & the Hubcaps)

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