Steve Soos – Keyboards

Steve Soos Keyboard & electronics Wizard Joins Parousia July 1975
Steve Soos 1975
Steve Soos - Payne Ave. 1975
Steve Soos - Payne Ave. 1975
Gerry Cannizzaro Steve Soos Patt Connolly - Payne Ave. 1975
Mike Newell's house Dec 17th 1975  Reheasing for the big Gig at St. Joe's
Steve Soos  105 Baxter St. 1976
Patt Connolly & Steve Soos - Panczak Wedding reception Nov. 1976
Keyboardist Steve Soos  Vox Jaguar Organ (top) and RMI Farfisi organ (bottom) Hutch Tech 1978
Steve Soos Hutch Tech May 1978
The Vox Jaguar - all tricked out
Vox Jaguar Organ

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