Filippone Sound Studios – Summer 1985 Sessions

Listen to six (6) new songs recorded by a leaner, more experienced Parousia upon our return to Filippone sound in July – August, 1985.

By now, Parousia is down to four core members playing all original music.  Robert (formerly Bob, but I think he dropped that moniker to avoid being confused with Bob Dobbs, being that they look so much alike 😀 ) is now playing six-string guitar and writes the bulk of two alternative rock songs – – “Egos” and “Life Is The Real“.

Other tracks recorded at this session are “Pain Desire,” “Lie Awake,” “(I’m Gonna) Kill You” and “Rock Bottom.”

(1) Randy on deck July- August,1985

Randy on deck July – August,1985

(2) Randy in que July- August,1985

Randy managing the big reel-to-reel July- August,1985

(3) Bob Lowden July- August,1985

Robert “Stuart” Lowden July – August,1985

(4) Garth Huels July- August,1985

Garth “Garth” Huels July – August,1985

(5) Garth in tune. July-August 1985

Garth getting the Halifax guitar in tune. July – August 1985

(6) Patt Connolly, Debbie Sekera & Randy July- August,1985

Patt Connolly, Nicole Ashley & Randy Filippone July – August,1985

(7) Randy & close friend July-Aug 1985

Randy & close friend July – Aug 1985

(8) Randy & Bob July- August,1985

Randy & Bob July – August,1985

( 9) Rosalie & Bob July-August 1985

Rosalie & Bob July – August 1985

(10) Randy Filippone- Sound Master July- August,1985

Randy Filippone – Sound Master July – August,1985

Lyric Sheet for Parousia Songs Recorded 1985 at Filippone Studios

Lyric Sheet for Parousia Songs Recorded 1985 at Filippone Studios


DR. Demento - 08.26.1986

Rejected by DR. Demento – 08.26.1986 – – not hilarious enough.


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