D’Youville College Mixer 11.02.1979

Here’s are live audio recordings of the band Parousia covering “White Punks On Dope” (a song written by the Tubes) and “Cross Eyed Mary (by Jethro Tull) recorded live at a D’Youville College, Buffalo NY. November 2, 1979.  A non-typical band playing at a typical college mixer. The crowd is amazing as Barry works them into frenzy! Ah-h-h, good times.

Parousia booked this show at D’Youville thanks to Cheryl Hooven and her friend Terry.

This night led to some big trouble for us. We played well, but our lighting technician Lenny K. “accidentally” took two lights that belonged to D’Youville that were attached to their ceiling.  Consequently, D’Youville began court proceedings to sue Parousia for the value of the lights.  We had to prove to D’Youville that Lenny was a contracted technician for the band and not a band member.  After several days of trying to get Lenny to come to the phone, he finally admitted having one of the lights and eventually returned it.  What happened to the other light?  Nobody knows.

D'Youville College - '200 days Mixer' November 22nd, 1979

Parousia rocks the PVR Room at D’Youville College

This show was Keyboardist Dave Maltbie’s last gig with Parousia.  Dave moved on to become a “shill for the man” (now he’s a big shot corporate scientist for P&G, I think.  Sorry Dave, just having some fun at your expense, congrats and hope your family is well)!  In the lower left corner of the photo there is a great view of the classic Moog Sonic Six Synthesizer.

Notice the Hanged-man puppet on the front of Gerry’s drum riser.

Bruce Decker- sound engineer at D'youville College. 11.02.1979

Bruce Decker, Talented Keyboardist who moonlighted as Parousia’s sound engineer at D’Youville College

The sound for this show was provided by our friend and fellow Music Mall musician, Bruce Decker, who at that time was playing in his own band, “Stross Fletcher”.  Stross Fletcher wrote good original rock with a heavy progressive influence, if you search the web you can still listen to their local hit “Susan Bannister” among others.  And Bruce was just plain cool.

D'Youville College 320 Porter Ave Buffalo, NY - '200 days Mixer' November 22nd, 1979

Flyer Created on the D’Youville College Mimeograph Machine

D'Youville College Ctr & PVR room

D’Youville College Ctr & PVR room

Gerry & Cheryl Hooven

Gerry with Cheryl Hooven

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