Parousia, Buffalo’s Most Unique 7 Member Rock Show!


Parousia poses in front of a cryptic mausoleum

PAROUSIA – Hangin’ out at the crypt.         -photo by Marsha Falkowski. August 1980

Here’s an early flyer from 1980.  We went down to the Forest Lawn cemetery on Delaware Ave and found some cool scenery to do a photo shoot in.  I remember us all trying to scrunch in around a headstone or something for a picture, trying to squeeze everyone in, and the photographer directing Bob to “get down a little,” to which Bob obliged with a funky dance – – hilarious! And this flyer is clearly undeniable proof, right there in black and white, that out of all the 7 member rock “shows” in Buffalo at the time, Parousia was definitely the most unique.  What a mix of personalities, cultures, lifestyles and musical tastes in that band.  We were young, ambitious and not about to be pigeon-holed into fitting anybody’s expectations, for better or worse.

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