Road Crew, Performers And Entourage


Gary Cherneski, Alan Swan 1976
Carol Geiger was Parousia's first real fan and good friend 1976
Left-Mark McDaniels (Spot Light;) Right-Gregg Fillipone (Sound) 03.17.78
Left- Lenny Krucenski (Lights & Pyrotechnics) Right- John McGovern (Lead Guitar)
Setting up at the gig. Front- Jeff Mang (Fog & Effects), Patt Connolly, John McGovern & Barry C. in back
Left to right- John Sullivan (Roadie), John McGovern, - Black Rock Nov 1976
Gerry Cannizzaro & Cheryl Hooven 1980
Rick Falkowski & Dale Anderson Nov. 1981
97 Rock bruce barber
97 Rock D.J.: Carl Russo
Who me... yeah, I hate elevators.
Dave Styn
Garth's house 0510am 02.09.1982 - Dave, Garth, Tom, Keith, Bob, Patt, Barry & Eric
Gregg Feb. 1982
Bob Lowden, Barry Cannizzaro, Patt Connolly, Tom Miller Feb. 1982
Tom Miller & Patt Connolly Feb. 1982
Keith Huels Feb. 1982
Dave Styn - Lead Roadie and Sound Engineer Aug 1981
Steve Styn August 1981
Debbie Sekera & Gerry mingling with the Hollywood crowd. Batavia, NY 12.31.1982
Marcia, Patt, Eileen Anstett & Eric Scheda- 170 Paradise Lane Tonawanda NY
Debbie Sekera grabbing Garth's junk -Loft Studios Feb. 1984
The Journey to Texas- Keep Running video 09.15.1984
Headin' for Dallas TX - Car courtesy of NIkki - Sept. 15, 1984
(9) Well... sort of.
Gregg Filippone & Mike Holcomb 09.1984
 A goodnight kiss from Debbie Sekera in Dallas TX Sept 1984
NIcole Ashley Sept 1987. Woo hoo witchy woman she got the moon in her eye.
Elven Princess by KarmaWhisper. Courtesey of Deviantart
An unaired episode of Twilight or Nicole Ashley as the Sexy Sorceress. You decide Sept. 1984
Garth, don't do it! We were only kidding about the whole stabbing thing! Sept 1984
The big post-production party
Nicole Ashley (aka Debbie Sekera) - 1660 Kenmore Ave. August 1985
Nicole Ashley as Ms. Heavy Metal in Zon Guitars Promo
Nicole Ashley getting ready for a Ms. Heavy Metal photo shoot
 Karen & Lynn & Mike Davidson (waving) Dec. 1984
Steve McGran (middle) & friends Dec. 1984
Tom Holden, Anne Carncross, Mark Sparcio, Leon Koslowski & John Horvath. Dec. 1984
Anne & Mark 1984
Jim Couch Dec. 1984
Robert S.Lowden & Mike Zernheld (eating) mingling with the crowd Dec 1984
Mark Sparacio
Lori Aronica Dec. 1984
Terry & Friend Dec.1984
Diane Bertola
John Horvath & Andy Williams Dec. 1984
Paula Miliotto with Parousia logo T-shirt. Dec. 1985
Kim Montesano & Gerry Cannizzaro NYC_Oct 1985
Paula Miliotto 1986
Setting up at Broadway Joe's
Colin Hilborne & friend loading & Packing for Broadway Joe's Gig.
Barry Cannizzaro & Friend
Sharon (left) and Kim Montesano (far right) & Friend 1986
Anne Carncross (left) Sharon (middle) & friend
Mark Sparacio (Slide Projectionist) & Anne Carncross 1986
Anne Louise Østrup Rasmussen 1986
William & Jeff Burr (producers) with Robert Lowden and friend in red jacket 1989
Lola Sutley. Chauffer 1987
Jennifer Ellis June 1988
KROQ D.J. - Jim 'The Poorman' Trenton
Backstage with Gerry Cannizzaro & Chuck Harter June 1988
Lydia Breckenridge Drum Roadie 1989
Chuck Harter - sound engineer June 1988
Susan Castang - 'Untamed Dancer' 1988
Dudley Taft, Patt Connolly & Claudine Regian -Dec. 1989
Susan and Janice- the dancers Untamed & Parousia - Uncle Rehearsal 1989
Eddie 'the Hammer' - Roadie for Parousia
Margaret, Claude, Karen Gerry, Iaian- Nov 1990
Gina Raffel, Karen Springer and Margaret Strickland
Parousia - Virtual Reality Show 1990-1992
Claudine Regian at the FM station 03.03.1991
Karen Springer 03.03.1991
Margaret Strickland & Karen Springer FM station 1991
Margaret, Gina, Claude & Karen, FM station 1991
Lisa Hendershot & Claudine Regian, Troubadour 1991
Claude, Karen, Margaret & Gina Troubadour 1991
Karen Springer at theTroubadour 1991
Karen, Gina, Margaret & Claude - Troub 10-31-91
Claudine Regian
Margaret Strickland and Karen Springer
Karen Springer
Margaret Strickland and Gina Raffel
Rob, Bill, Bob 02.07.1991
Back Stage at Madame Wong's West
dance line girls
Ken Fusion KROQ D.J.
Lisa and the Computer
Rob & Gerry at the Troub. 02.07.1991
Rob & Lisa
Rob, Bill, Bob 02.07.1991
Julie Jodoin - fan and friend 1995
Mark (left) and Eric Scheda, studio engineer and former keyboardist for Parousia
Gerry attempts to resurrect a body - Roxy After Party 01.10.92
Roxy After Party 01.10.92
Measuring the Victim - Roxy After Party 01.10.92
Wild Bill and Gerry Cannizzaro 01.10.92

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