Recording “No Songs For Keron” – Saturn Studios 1998

In 1998, three members of Parousia, Robert Lowden (guitar/bass/vocals), Gerry Cannizzaro (drums) and Patrick Connolly (vocals/keyboards) got together at Saturn Studios (Gerry’s room) and recorded an original song called, “No Time For Keron”, the first real Parousia song written by original members of the band since 1989.

Saturn Studios 1998

As individuals, we were older now, and we had gone through life-changing experiences that reshaped long-held perspectives.

The negative side of these experiences is well represented in the song “No Songs For Keron”.   Keron is pronounced like “Karen” but the subject of this song spells her name uniquely, indicative of her personality.

Patt Connolly - vocals, keyboards

Patt Connolly – vocals, keyboards

The words and music were written by Patrick and no doubt had something to so with his divorce that left him reeling.  “There’s a smile on my face but it isn’t real.  It takes a years worth of hate to finally heal. She had a knife pointed at my throat. She slashed and burned and she took my life…

Robert Stuart Lowden – guitar/bass and vocals

Robert Stuart Lowden – guitar/bass and vocals

The song was recorded at “Saturn Studios” in Hollywood, a moderately sized boutique “bedroom studio” with a shit-ton of digital and analog gear.  The acoustic instruments were recorded on two black-face tape-based ADAT’s and synchronized to two MC-50 sequencers that had the drums and keyboards recorded on multiple tracks. The mix was mastered using a TC Electronic Finalizer and recorded onto DAT, and then transferred to CD.

robert in studio 12-2000

Like the old days in Buffalo, it was fun to cram into a small room and lay down the basic tracks and then working together to bring the song to life recording the vocal tracks and orchestrating the chaotic keyboards layered with multiple lead solos near the end if the song. Throughout the song Robert played multiple guitar tracks and I had to sort those out and then cobble together the finished guitar part using a digital mixer that stored all my changes in real time.

robert in studio smiles 12-2000

When the song was done, we stepped back and listened. It was clearly a classic Parousia song, dark and musical, reminiscent of the days the band played and rehearsed together in Buffalo, NY.

Robert – being very tolerant of my interruptions.

Robert – being very tolerant of my interruptions.

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