“Time & Space” Show by Parousia at Plant 6, 11.16.1985

Nobody could ever accuse Parousia of being boring! Here is a song and several live performance videos from the Time and Space show November 16, 1985.

Parousia’s “Time & Space” show came shortly after our recording of the song ‘Place your Bets’ at Select Sound studios in Kenmore, NY.   It was a concert performance which emphasized a new facet of our Kuberick and Owellian influences, melding together to create a visually stimulating show we entitled ‘TIME AND SPACE”.

Robert (Stuart) Lowden’s art work was a heavy presence throughout the stage including life size sculptures, backdrops and paintings.  Scattered along the front of the stage, televisions cast an eerie glow on the audience.

Check Out These Videos From Time and Space Show at Plant 6

This was another gig that was engineered by our good friend Randy Filippone who supplied the P.A. and videotaped our performance.  We have some audio from that show featuring two of our classic original art rock songs, “Overture #1” and “Modern Woman”.

(1) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Parousia, “the 805 of Plant 6”, transforms the sports bar to an art experience (right after the fish fry)

(2) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Bob’s face glows as Patt is surrounded by giant surreal satellite dishes that receive signals from a distant galaxy far far away.

(3) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Patt being expressive, while in the background a mysterious light beams ‘voices’ into Bob’s head.

Garth about to be consumed by a monolith.

Garth about to be consumed by a monolith.

Garth in progressive garb, a complement to the ambiance...

Garth in progressive garb, a complement to the ambiance…

(7) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Robert Stuart Lowden and Patrick Connolly rock-out to a stage set up that would make Salador Dali jealous.

(8) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Is that Bruno Mars on drums?

Gerry rockin’ like a punk rocker!

(10) Flyer- Plant 6 -'Time & Space' 11.16.1985

Read the small print. Note: co-sponsored by the Tom Calderone show, a WBNY ally of ours who eventually went on to become a GM for VH1, among other things.

(11) Invite card- Plant 6 -'Time & Space' 11.16.1985

Parousia’s high-tech computer generated tickets – keeping us safe from counterfeiters.

Garth and Bob warp Time and Space, evoking this ominous apparition.

Garth and Bob warp Time and Space, evoking an ominous apparition.

(12) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985


(13) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Patt gives us a big grin. Is that a genuine Seinfeld “puffy shirt” he’s wearing?

Holy 80s, quite the dynamic duo.

Holy 80s, quite the dynamic duo.

(18) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Working percussive magic amidst pictures, shadows, fabrics and textures.

(19) Plant 6_Time & Space_1985

Time and Space casts a spell upon you.

Patt calling Time and Space. Patt calling Time and Space. Do you read me?

1982 TV Commercial for Starseed Enterprise (Buffalo, NY), Parousia’s “Fat Cat” Corporate Sponsor for This and Many Other Parousia Events – Thanks, Jeff, Janice and Barry!!!

the 'Fab Four' negative 1985

Parousia, trapped in Time and Space of their own making.

2 comments for ““Time & Space” Show by Parousia at Plant 6, 11.16.1985

  1. Gerry North Cannizzaro
    May 28, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Our two sponsors in support of the Time & Space show were Starseed Enterprise and Zon Guitars. Garth worked at Starseed, but how did we attract the attention of Joe Zon?? It was Nicole Ashley who helped land the support of this vendor. Zon Guitars is a manufacturer of bass guitars founded in 1981 by Joseph Zon. Nicole met Joe during the ‘Ms. Heavy Metal’ competition held at Sinbad’s on Young’s Road near the airport. After Nicole won the competition, she was approached by Joe to model a new bass guitar he was working on. Nicole agreed and they arranged a photo shoot.
    Ms. Heavy Metal (Nicole Ashley) and Zon Guitars (Bass, actually)

  2. Robert Stuart Lowden‎
    September 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    [Regarding the song “Tiffany”] Just to say…. Pat and I wrote this and it wasn’t at all improvised. The “rant” was a prewritten rap /comment on power in the middle east during the early 80’s. I wrote the lyrics and the chords. I think that Pat wrote some of the melody. The song was actually about some imaginary girl. It also had something to do with Patty Booth.

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