Rock Dog Releases Rare Tracks: Parousia Incognito as the Punk Band GREEN SLIME

“The Green Slime Show”, is a parody of punk, funk, and junk, brought to you by the rock band Parousia Incognito as the punk band Green Slime. Recorded live at Mc Van’s Night Club (1978). Featuring audience favorite “I Like People”, “Cotton Holiday” [unplugged] and some very important information about Wurms.

On July 19th, 1978, for one night only, Green Slime ravaged the audience at Mc Van’s Night Club with a show that was not quite ready for humanity. Despite best efforts to wipe its existence from the world, the audio recordings defied the powers that be and survived! The Green Slime album features five original songs (tracks 01-05) and two cover songs (tracks 06-07).

With musicians: Patt Connolly (vocals, flute, synthesizer, saxophone, slide-whistle); Sharon Pierce (vocals, percussion); Barry Cannizzaro (guitars); Gerry Cannizzaro (drums); Bill Sims (bass guitar), and Dave Maltbie (Moog Sonic Six).
Track 01: I Like People – Bill Sims (bass guitar)
Track 02: (Attack Of) The Bloobs – David Maltbie (Moog Sonic Six)
Track 03: (You) Tickle My Fancy – Patt Connolly (vocals/sax/slide-whistle/synthesizer
Track 4: Cotton Holiday [Unplugged] – Gerry Cannizzaro (drums)
Track 5: About Wurms – Sharon Pierce (vocals / percussion)
*BONUS Track 06: (Punk) Dreams

* BONUS Track 07: House Of The Rising Punk – Barry Cannizzaro (guitar/ vocals)

Tracks 01-05 published by HEAD SURGERY MUSIC / BMI

RDOG 2023 – Rock Dog Records in cooperation with Distro Kid

You can find “Green Slime” and the entire Parousia catalog of music on Spotify, iTunes/ Apple Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Napster, Tidal, TikTok and all other major music streaming sites.

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