Journey to Dallas, TX for ‘Keep Running’ Video Production 1984

Here is a photo journal of Parousia’s trip to Dallas, Texas in September of 1984 to shoot and do some production work on the new video for our song “Keep Running.”  Patt couldn’t make the trip with us, so we shot his scenes, and some others, back in Buffalo, but we shot most of the “Keep Running” video footage in Dallas, using equipment from the Warner Brothers public access cable television studio, in off hours when it wasn’t booked by others.

Gerry Cannizzaro scripted out the story boards for us and acted as Director, more or less, and Gregg Filippone was our technical engineer, manning the equipment and doing the post production work.

'Texas Or Bust'


I remember loading up Nicole’s old car with so much stuff, then squeezing us all in, so that the car was almost touching the ground and the wheels were almost scraping the wheel wells.  It is a miracle we ever made it there and back.  We had a couple problems along the way, as you can see in the pictures, but we are so lucky that’s all we had.

(1) The Journey to Texas- Keep Running video 09.15.1984

Mark Zirnheld and Paula wish Parousia much needed luck and bid us adieu!

(2) it begins... 08.30am 09.15.1984

Bob, Garth and Nicole getting ready to hit the road.

(3) On the road again... 09.15.1984

Robert, Nicole and Garth loading ridiculous amounts of crap into an old car, wanting to get on the road and out of the city before the sun comes up and traffic hits.

(4) 12-hours later. Welcome to Kentucky-  09.15.1984

Garth Huels and Robert Stuart Lowden at a rest stop in Kentucky. The locals didn’t seem too pleased with us being there.

(5) Immobilized in Kentucky- 09.1984


(6) We didn't have cool looking mirrored bldgs. in Buffalo...

The big city. We didn’t have cool looking mirrored buildings like this in Buffalo…

(7) Texas, we have arrived 09.1984

Dallas, Texas, we have arrived to crazy traffic.

(8) Gregg Filippone wecomes us into his house with open arms...

Gregg Filippone welcomes us into his house with open arms… which we proceed to trash somewhat, judging by this picture. Sorry.

(9) Well... sort of.

Gregg openly expresses his love for Parousia. His gal pal probably silently agrees.

(10) Gregg's roommate Jim, 'the messed up kid'

Silliness ensues with Gregg’s roommate Jim.

(11) Gregg's audio studio

Playing in Gregg’s audio studio. Bob and Dale (another esteemed member of the North Buffalo Crew) fishing through Gregg’s music while Garth and Nicole tinker on the piano.

(12) Gregg Filippone & Mike Holcomb 09.1984

Hey look, besides visiting Gregg Filippone, our old friend from Buffalo Mike Holcomb lives here in Dallas too! How cool is that?

(13) Garth at the Dallas Unemployment office.

Garth checking in at the unemployment office in Dallas. This was before phone check-ins. What do they have now, virtual check-in? There’s an app for that?

(14) Hangin' out at the plaza

Nicole and Garth just hangin’ out at the plaza.

(15) Gerry fine-tunes the production calendar

Gerry North Cannizzaro, the driving force behind this ambitious project, meticulously going over the video production plan.

(16) A goodnight kiss from Debbie Sekera...

Nicole doing what it takes to maintain those awesome good looks.

(17) Wake up man, its time to roll production

Wha-a-a? Morning already? Where am I?

(18) At the Dallas Mariott Hotel preparing for the shoot.

Nicole Ashley, Garth Huels and Robert Stuart Lowden getting all gussied up for their video shoot at the Dallas Marriott Hotel

(19) No work on an empty stomach, let's order room service...

Ger says, “No work on an empty stomach, let’s order room service…” (not at these prices, yikes!)

(20) This will make a great opening shot...

Hmmm, this will make a great opening shot…

(21) Hang onto that camera...

Continue shooting this video, or… ?

(22) Hangin' out at the TV studio (Warner Bros.)

Garth and Nicole hangin’ out at the TV studio (Warner Bros.)

(23) Warner Bros. Access Studio- wide shot with Bob Lowden

Bob Lowden surrounded by state of the art video equipment (hey, this was 1984, remember?) at Warner Bros. public access studio

(24) the master at his controls.

Gregg Filippone at the helm of mission control, in the cockpit of central command, assuming the captain’s chair of the bridge of the USS Keep Running…

(25) Many confusing & tiring hours of editing

Many confusing & tiring hours of editing…

(26) The big post-production party

Well deserved unwinding at the big post-production party

(27) The long & winding road back to Buffalo, NY

And now for the long & winding road back to Buffalo, NY

(28) Troubles inTennesse

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a little more car trouble, this time in Tennessee! Yeehaa!

(29) Parousia returns to Buffalo Sept.29, 1985 04.30am

Home Sweet Home

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