Music Mall Rehearsal March 1980 Featuring Hair By Santangelo’s Hair Design

On February 6th of 1980, Parousia had a complimentary professional hair design session at Santangelo’s Hair Design on Union Road in Cheektowaga, NY. Then on Februaury 13th we had promotional photos taken of our newly cropped hair-do’s and this is the result as seen in our Music Mall rehearsal photos below.

The Music Mall

Eric enters the ominous Music Mall

The free hairstyles were a promotion; a deal brokered between our manager Rick Falkowski and Ralph Santangelo where Santangelo’s received free ad space in Buffalo Nightlife Magazine in exchange for giving us trendy haircuts, and Santangelo’s would use photos of our transformation in their promotions.  Seems like a win-win for everybody, right?

We took our “Before” photos on February 6th and then the “After” photos on February 13th.  The photos shown here were taken in early March, soon after the end result.

I liked what they did for me, they put some curl in my hair and gave me some cool blue highlights.  The curls were a little tight at first, but once they loosened up, it looked pretty good.

I know Patt wasn’t too thrilled with his.  They didn’t do anything too extreme with him, but they parted it all over on one side and I remember Patt trying desperately to put it back the way he liked it out in the parking lot on our way out!

Kim’s haircut was the most unique. Complete with a lightening bolt streak on top and a burning house cut and colored in the back of her head.

Gerry says of his experience, “I remember sitting in the barber chair getting a five hour + haircut! I remember the Hairstylist telling me, “I love working with your hair… When I cut it, it cuts back!” I wished he loved it a little less. Sitting in a chair for five hours was driving me insane.”

Santangelo’s Hair Design is still there today on 2753 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14223.  Stop in and tell Ralph, Garth says hi!  I actually continued to go there for many years until I left the Buffalo area.

(1) Music Mall- Room #7, March 1980

Preparing to practice or songs at the Music Mall. Left to right: Eric Scheda, Barry Cannizzaro and Patt Connolly.

(2) Santangelo's hair Eric, Garth & Barry, March 1980

Looking very 80’s with our Santangello’s hair cuts. Eric Scheda, Gath Huels and Barry Cannizzaro

(3) Lookin pretty with our February 13th haircuts from Santangelo's Eric, Garth, Bobby

Good hair day in spite of the Winter Weather. Eric Scheda, Gath Huels and Bob Lowden.

(4) Santangelo's hair. Eric, Garth & Kim, March 1980

Very photogenic looking thanks to Santangello’s hair design. Eric Scheda, Garth Huels and Kim Watts.

(5) Kim with lightening streak and burning house

Kim Watts, the most unique hair of all complete with a lightening streak and a burning house in back.

(6) Kim with harmonica and newest instrument 'the bells'

Kim Watts with her harmonica and newest instrument ‘the bells’

Keith Gregor's Music Mall

Keith Gregor’s Music Mall – business card

Music Mall 3350 Broadway Cheektowaga NY 1979-1981

Winter time at the Music Mall 3350 Broadway Cheektowaga, NY 1979-1981

Music Mall lease agreement 11.1979

The Music Mall front Office- 3350 Broadway Cheektowaga NY

The Music Mall front Office- 3350 Broadway Cheektowaga NY

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  1. Patt
    December 10, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    I just shook my head and it was back to normal. First and only time I drank wine at a barber though.

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