Parousia At The Gaslight, Hollywood, CA. Aug. 10, 1988

This was an “unplugged performance” featuring Patt Connolly on vocals, Bob Lowden on Guitar and Gerry Cannizzaro on a scaled down drum kit.  The club was just off Hollywood Blvd. on the corner of Selma and Cosmo.

Former location of the Gaslight 1608 Cosmo Hollywood CA.

Former location of the Gaslight 1608 Cosmo Hollywood CA.

Parousia’s ninth gig in California was in Hollywood for a party-minded crowd of mainly Hollywood locals.  The Gaslight was an cool-smoky intimate club. Once known exclusively as a dive for bar-flies, club promoters took over management and started booking local bands. Now, it was a dark seedy tavern that featured live music and that was definitely a little better.

Parousia 1988

To land this Hollywood gig, Parousia was in the right place at the right time and through Robert’s connections we secured a date at this classic Hollywood venue, which the feel was more like a neighborhood pub than a Hollywood showcase but it was just as important.

Capitol Records, A&M Records, Bug Music and Chrysalis were just around the corner and the Gaslight was frequently trolled by music industry professionals.  You never knew who was watching, or listening…


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