Swatch Watch PAROUSIA Style?

I know, I know, you have questions…

  • Is this about a watch designed after the rock band Parousia from Buffalo, NY?
  • Did the band Parousia give up music and start designing watches?
  • Where can I get one, I like it!

The answer to all three may disappoint you, but if you came here looking for the rock band Parousia (or one of their many audio and video recordings), then you came to the right web site, now, go to the main page and indulge your alternative rock desires. But if you’re looking for the watch itself… it could be a challenge to find.

In 1998 the Swatch watch company decided it was a good idea to release product named “PAROUSIA” under their “Irony” line of watches. Two wrist-watches appear under the Irony line:

YLS1006 PAROUSIA, aluminum case and leather band ladies watch with a mystical feel. Around the watch glass appears cryptic lettering to spell out the word “SWATCH”.

YLS1006M PAROUSIA MILANESE an aluminum case metal band ladies watch with the same cryptic lettering above the numerals that spell out the word “SWATCH”

Want one? There is no information on price or availability. You can find a retail outlet near you using their store locator button… good luck!

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