Parousia Re-Starts Starting-Up At The Starting Gate Café, 10/17/1981

This was the band’s second show at “the Gate”. The club was full of South Buffalo locals on a Saturday night and they were ready to party. Nary the band Parousia to disappoint!

Parousia starting gate Cafe

The first go-around at the Starting Gate, we had Kim Watts, female vocalist in the band. After her departure, the band moved on, tightened their performance together as a band and learned a crop of new songs like “Toronto Tonto’s” by Max Webster, “Clones” by Alice Cooper, “Squonk” & “Abacab” by Genesis, and “Perpetual Change” by Yes.

Parousia_1981 -1982

Then, there were the usual Parousia classics, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “My Generation” and “Behind Blue Eyes” by The WHO, “White Punks On Dope”, by the Tubes, “Love Her Madly” by the Doors and “Train Kept a-Rollin’” by Aerosmith, are but a few…

Parousia at Buffalo State college 09.11.81

Parousia injected a few songs of their own into each set, among them, “Lucifer’s Lament” written by Garth Huels, “Myron” written by Bob Lowden and “Revelation” written by Patt Connolly.

“Myron” performed live 1981

“Myron” performed live 1981

Tonight’s show came in the middle of a busy month for the band, starting with a favorable review of Parousia’s live radio-show broadcast from Uncle Sam’s published in the October edition of Buffalo Backstage Magazine. This gave the band a nice publicity bump.

Buffalo Backstage Oct. Review of Uncle Sams Live Show Broadcast 09.03.1981

The band brought in a few new ‘fans’ tonight, evident by the number of jaws dropping when the band dimmed the lights and played their rendition of “Second Coming / Ballad Of Dwight Fry” by Alice Cooper. Ah-h-h, good times!

Starting Gate Cafe financial report-10.17.1981

Parousia’s entourage for the night consisted of Gregg Filippone mixing sound, Mike Carroll running lights and “head roadie” Dave Styn.  Other roadies included Keith Huels, Tom Miller, Paul and Randy. The road crew expense totaled $150.00, truck rental was another $54.00 and gas was another $15.00. Backstage Productions took their 15%, ($38.00). All in all, the expense for tonight’s show totaled $265.00; more than what the band was paid to play, leaving us $15.00 “in the hole”.

Cheater from Rochester NY

Cheater from Rochester NY

On Friday night at the Starting Gate Café, the band Cheater took the stage for a Foreigner tribute party.  Both Cheater and Parousia appear on the first 97 Rock album, “Buffalo Rocks”.  Cheater’s track: “Ten Cent Love Affair”. Parousia’s track: “MissOgyny”

97 Rock Album backside

The former location of the “Starting Gate Café” 1671 Seneca Street, So. Buffalo, NY

The former location of the “Starting Gate Café” 1671 Seneca Street, So. Buffalo, NY

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