Robert Lowden Featured In Los Angeles Art Journal 2016

Coagula fall 2016

Ever since I’ve known the guy, creating new and interesting art has always described the activities of Robert Lowden.  When he first joined up with the band Parousia in 1978, he showed a ravenous curiosity in learning, inventing, with a talent and a passion for capturing life’s bitter/sweet moments in the form of a photo, sketch, sculpture, painting or song.

Robert Lowden – Saturn Studios 2000

Robert Lowden – Saturn Studios 2000

In the fall of 2016 Robert Stuart Lowden’s art was featured in Coagula, an Art Journal found in the greater Los Angeles area.  Robert talks abut bringing back certain taboos to shine a light on them, examine them and invite more discussion.  Here’s a posting of Robert’s piece in COAGULA,:

Coagula_Robert Lowden
Coagula_Robert Lowden

1 comment for “Robert Lowden Featured In Los Angeles Art Journal 2016

  1. March 18, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Yes; I “second” that also; Bob Lowden is a REAL ARTIST; through and through. He is an excellent musician; performer; creative writer; and recording artist. Extremely original !

    It is my privilege; and I am very proud to know him.

    YOU GO BOB !

    Your old Parousia band mate !

    Barry P. Cannizzaro

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