Parousia’s 2nd Appearance At The CHAMBER 08.11.1984

Parousia Band

We all live in a yellow submarine…

The band learned a few things from the last show and decided to make a few tweaks to the over all presentation for this show and all future shows.  Up until now, the band was performing in an empty loft, with nothing much to look at except dingy walls and columns.  We wanted to change the look into something more visually interesting.  Working together, we transformed the back wall of the Chamber to a cyclorama of art and sculpture.  Robert Lowden headed up the project and It took only a couple of weeks thanks to a little help from our friends.  We get by with a little help from our friends…

Parousia at the Chamber 1984

Parousia at the Chamber 1984

Now, it was time to try it again. We expanded our invites beyond friends and family to anyone we met in a 10-mile radius of the Chamber. The invitation was open to all who who liked to party and see a live band for free.  Because the Chamber was located on the border of Buffalo and Kenmore were many of our friends gathered, we had a good response to the invite.  The Chamber shows were promoted mostly by word of mouth and supplemented with flyers posted around the neighborhood.  We had a “built-in” group of fans and friends at Tops Supermarket located down the street and then more fans located directly across the street at the Stop N’ Go Convenient store. The manger at Stop N’ GO loved us  Our parties brought them a lot of extra business. Especially when it came to beer sales!


Parousia had a really good crowd this night. Not only because of the art and the live music, but because we had a free keg of beer!  Friends brought more beer and alchohol wasn’t the only thing being passed around judging by the smell.  We could sense that with a little more work, the Chamber could actually become a scene… The timing was right… our friends were seeking a place to converge, ‘get baked’ and just hang loose away from prying eyes and hassle. The Chamber was just the place thanks to its convenient location, privacy and generous parking accommodations.


1660 Kenmore Avenue, aka: The Chamber

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