Parousia Wails At The Prince Of Wales In Wales Center, NY

First Gig at Prince of Wales – Saturday March 28, 1981

Unfortunately this Prince of Wales gig added to the growing animosity between Parousia and Cross Roads (aka: the BEEZ).  It had been going on for some time.  Our two bands were rivals for the favor of Dave Buffamonti, our booking agent at Backstage Productions.

Buffalo Backstage 1981


We rolled into Wales NY in the afternoon to set up and do a sound check.  We were happy to be playing on a Saturday because that always meant a better crowd than the weekday gigs.

Tonight we were opening for Cross Roads (aka: The BEEZ) which really cheesed us off because two weeks ago we kicked their ass at the Fast Annie’s Spring Jam in Hamburg.  We stole the show with our rendition of Hocus Pocus, Cross Eyed Mary and Won’t Get Fooled Again.  None the less we had to play the political game, bite the bullet and play nice with the BEEZ.  ‘Cause like it or not, they were Dave’s new pet band and we were joined at the hip as their opening act.

The BEEZ (Cross Roads) 1981


I remember before the show, we had lots of time to kill.  As usual none of us had money for food and were hungry and looking for a handout.  Some fans of the BEEZ set up a banquet for the band in the back room.  Well, Kim just decided to help herself.

Now, imagine if you will for a moment that your friends arranged a catered meal for you on your birthday and you arrive home in eager anticipation only to find out that your special meal was eaten by your dog!  That was kind of the way the BEEZ took the whole “misunderstanding”.  Man, were those guys buzzin’ mad and we apologized but it just wasn’t enough.

Of course the BEEZ complained to Dave Buffamonti who got an earful of grief.  This was friction between two rival bands that Dave didn’t need because if he did book us on a college tour, it most likely would have been a shared ride with the BEEZ.  Now that future seemed in jeopardy.

But in spite of that problem, the club manager really liked our act and invited us back to play the following Sunday, April 5th at the Prince of Wales “JAM” fest, where we jammed it out with a bunch of local bands.

Second Gig at Prince of Wales – Sunday April 5, 1981

Parousia at Forest Lawn 1980

Wales is a town in Erie CountyNew YorkUnited States.  The town is one of the “Southtowns” of Erie County by virtue of its position in the southeast part of the county, southeast of Buffalo.  The town of Wales was formed from the territory of Willink on April 15, 1818; the territory of Wales received its first settlers in 1806.  Not long after that, (175 years later) Parousia performed there.

Wales Center – This a small village situated in the northern part of the town.  Besides the saw and grist mills here, which are still in existence, a carding mill was built about 1816 and an early distillery, both of which have disappeared.

Buffalo NY to Wales, NY

Buffalo NY to Wales, NY

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