PAROUSIA With Special Guests ‘The Moment’ May 31, 1986

PAROUSIA 1986: Patt Connolly, Robert Lowden, Garth Huels, Bill Simms, Gerry N. Cannizzaro

PAROUSIA 1986: Patt Connolly, Robert Lowden, Garth Huels, Bill Simms, Gerry N. Cannizzaro

The band’s sixth concert at the loft studio known as The Chamber.  A place where original music and art collided. Sometimes the collision produced something useful, sometimes not but it was the experimentation that inspired us to do more and keep trying.

We developed an entire book of new material at the Chamber.  It was music that challenged us technically and emotionally. Songs like “I Wish”, a cross between Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull, and “No One Is Watching Me”, a fusion between Journey and Genesis.  Gerry Cannizzaro wrote many of the lyrics during this period of song development.

Patt Connolly would vocalize sounds over the chords and Gerry would find the right words to match Patt’s vocalizations.  This led to some interesting lyrics which took the songs we wrote in some weird directions like in “I’m Not Having Fun”.

Invite card - the CHAMBER 05.31.1986

Invite card – the CHAMBER 05.31.1986

The band was running concert performances at the Chamber roughly every two weeks.  They became a “thing”, attracting attention from around the neighborhood and beyond.  In the early evening, a strobe light placed in the window of the loft sent a signal that the party was on!

To keep things fresh, with each new show we had a different local band open for us at 10:00 pm.  This helped ensure there would be new faces in the crowd as each of the bands would bring in their own entourage.

Garth Huels of Parousia

Garth Huels of Parousia

We concentrated on making the show an art and multi-media immersion.  We had a large collage of art on the wall behind us. On stage, there were life-sized sculptures alongside our instruments. Hanging from the ceiling we had metal sculptures that you could play like a percussion instrument.  All this took man-power and time. The band put that in for free, but we had to pay out a bit of money for the help of others.

Behind the scenes, the expense was beginning to add up, (Electricity, paying the door-guy, Sound man, light man, slideshow man and clean-up crew) we started to ask for a $2.00 donation at the door. We had an off duty cop collecting the money which helped ensure that at the end of the night we received what was collected.

Flyer - the CHAMBER 05.31.1986

Flyer – the CHAMBER 05.31.1986

John McGovern ran the sound board and you don’t screw with John. He made sure that he had total control over the board and sound hook-up.   Nothing was connected to the mixing-board unless John okayed it.  During the show, Barry Cannizzaro ran lights and Mark Sparacio ran the slide-show; a manic mix-up of images featuring Gumby, Space scenes and urban cityscapes.

On the glowing televisions along the front of the stage we ran videos of sex scenes superimposed over The Brady Bunch, Cartoons and Leave it To Beaver.  Fun Times! Even if you weren’t on hallucinogenic drugs, the entire ambience of the room looked that way.

At times our music was dark, foreboding and at other times it was hopeful, and energetic. We put all of our soul into one long set of original songs and overall it was well received.  The audience really liked what we were doing and we felt that we were definitely on to something.

‘The Chamber’ (second floor) 1660 Kenmore Avenue, Buffalo NY

‘The Chamber’ (second floor) 1660 Kenmore Avenue, Buffalo NY

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