Parousia Rocks Riverside Park July 4th 1984

Parousia’s first outdoor concert performance with the newly re-formed/revamped Parousia and our last performance at the 21st Ward Independence Day celebration.  This time around we were showcasing of our original songs only.  We had a pretty good crowd, thanks to the decent promotion.  This was a very trimmed down performance for us, without the usual artistic back-drops and sculptures and videos and what-not.  We were looking to see what kind of a reaction we would get from playing our new songs like “Caesar of the Modern Home”, “Keep Running”, “All The Time In The World”, The Weekend Starts Tonight”, “People’s Court”, “No One Is Watching Me”, “Modern Women” and “I Wish”.

Rick Falkowski brokered this show for us and pulled together six sponsors to help cover our costs for sound, lights and transportation.  Thanks to: F.B.S. Records, Starseed Enterprise, Top Shelf Music, Loft Studio, Santangelos and Ultimate Storage.

Other notable trivia:

  • We rented a P.A. from Unistage and John McGovern ran the sound board. 
  • We sacrificed Debbie Sekera (Nicole Ashley) on a bloody alter right on stage during the song “No One is Watching Me.”  Barry carried her out in a muscle shirt “gladiator” type of costume. 
  • Keith Huels ran the light show. 
  • Mark Sparacio ran the slide projector.
  • Everyone else just ran
  • I’m just kidding
  • This list format is getting old

Anyway, enjoy the photos.  Looks like the theme was red and white that day (mostly white, I guess).  I like it, I think we look a little more matured or professional or more focused or something.  I remember it as going pretty well actually, for unleashing a bunch of new, unfamiliar, original music on an unsuspecting audience.

Riverside Park June 30th Poster by Frederick Seaton

Parousia Concert Poster by Renowned Buffalo Artist Frederick Seaton

Buffalo Backstage November 1983

‘Welcome back Parousia’ – Buffalo Backstage magazine announcement – November 1983

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (0)

Garth Huels (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Connolly (vocals, flute & keyboards) onstage at Riverside Park.

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (1)

Patt Connolly (keyboards), Bob Lowden (bass & guitar) Gerry North Cannizzaro (drums)

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (2)

Garth Huels & Patrick Connolly

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (3)

Robert Stuart Lowden on stage at Riverside Park

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (4)

Gerry North Cannizzaro and his surrealistic North drum kit.

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (5)

Parousia rocks the crowd at Riverside Park July 4th 1984

Riverside Park June 30th 1984 (6)

Keith Huels- lighting tech for Parousia.


Riverside Park Buffalo Backstage Promo 1984

Buffalo Backstage Promo – Newly reformed Parousia’s 1st gig at Riverside Park

Riverside Park 1984 Promo NightLife Magazine

NightLife Magazine Promo – Parousia extends thanks

Riverside Park Promo 1984 Riverside Review

Riverside Review Promo -Riverside Park 1984

1984 Official 4th of July Program - Riverside Review

Riverside Review Official 4th of July Program 1984

Invite card - Parousia at Riverside Park 1984

Your Personal Invitation to Experience Parousia at Riverside Park (1984)

1 comment for “Parousia Rocks Riverside Park July 4th 1984

  1. Kevin Ciprich
    February 7, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    My good friend Bob Lowden convinced me to dress up and dance in a ‘cage’ at Riverside park back in the Buffalo dayz ~ What a blast…
    I was dressed in a in all black really frayed outfit complete w/ a wild mask. Lots of speed, too!

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