Parousia returns to the Plant-6, Saturday, Nov. 28, 1981

Parousia 1981:  P. Connolly, E. Scheda, B. Cannizzaro, R. Lowden, G. Cannizzaro, G. Huels

Parousia 1981: P. Connolly, E. Scheda, B. Cannizzaro, R. Lowden, G. Cannizzaro, G. Huels

The band’s return to the Plant-6 on November 28 was preceded by a whirl-wind of gigs. It all began on Thursday, November 5th at Dad’s Café, on Clinton Street in Buffalo, followed by two-nights (Friday & Saturday) Nov. 13th & 14th at the Wayside Manor in Alden NY and then Sunday, Nov. 15th at the Wooden Nickel in Olean NY.  Next was Thursday, Nov. 19th at the Shady Grove in Boston, NY followed by Parousia’s television debut performance of their original song “Myron” on stage at the 1st annual Buffalo Backstage Music Awards at Rooftops Lounge, November 23, 1981.

Parousia 'appearing at' flyer

Now, here we were on November 28th, a Saturday night, and a busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend playing at our ol’ familiar Plant-6 in Kenmore. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we took comfort in knowing we would see familiar faces being that we were so close to home base for a change.   Schools were on holiday break and as expected we had a stellar crowd for a Saturday evening following Thanksgiving.

Parousia Financials – Plant 6. 11.28.1981

Parousia Financials – Plant 6. 11.28.1981

The band was paid $250.00 for one night with three sets of music. Starting at 10:00 pm and ending at 2:00 am.  Gregg Filippone set-up and ran the sound-board and Mike Carroll set-up and ran the light-show. We paid the other roadies a combined salary of $50.00. Backstage Productions earned their 10% booking fee ($25.00) and the truck rental was $58.00. We spent another $20.00 on “Materials”.

For some reason, in addition to paying Barry $5.00 in gas money for hauling our asses to and from the gig, we paid him $135.00 for “car”. $55.00 went towards rent at our rehearsal studio in Cheektowaga, the Music Mall. At the end of the evening, expense totaled $438.00 leaving us $188.00 in the hole.


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