Parousia Returns To Boston, NY At The Shady Grove 11/19/1981

Parousia 1981-1982

Parousia 1981-1982

Parousia’s second gig at the Shady Grove, November 19, 1981 was on a Thursday night.

November became another busy month for the band starting on November 5th at Dad’s Café in Buffalo. After that, the band played all over the place.  A weekend at the Wayside Manor in Alden, NY, the Wooden Nickel in Olean, NY and then this gig at the Shady Grove in Boston NY.


On Saturday, the band Clockworks played the Shady Grove stage. They were managed by Good Times Management (Mike Rozniak).


The band “Clockworks” at the Shady Grove Saturday, November 14, 1981

Parousia financial report - Shady Grove November 19, 1981

Parousia financial report – Shady Grove November 19, 1981

The band was paid $300.00 to play three sets of music on a Thursday night, the week before Thanksgiving.  Presumably, Dave Styn ran the sound that night and was paid $40.00. Mike Carroll set-up and ran the lights for $40.00. The band employed five roadies for this show, each paid $10.00.  $23.00 in gas reimbursement paid to Barry and Steve. $80.00 for truck rental. Backstage reduced their booking fee to 10% ($30.00) and $10.00 was paid out for something labeled, “materials” (cheap drugs? No, probably duct tape). At the end of the night, we paid out $273.00 in expense leaving us with a net profit of $27.00.

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