Parousia – Held Over At Melanie’s Pub, Main & Transit, September 14, 1980

Parousia 1980

Parousia’s September 14th show was our fifth go-around at Melanie’s Pub.

The band was on a heavy gigging schedule. Even though this was technically “the end of summer” things weren’t slowing down.

We had just played Friday, September 12 at Frank’s Casa Nova on Bailey Ave. This coming Thursday, September 18 we were performing at a new club called Knickerbockers on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga and we were still drawing a good audience on a Sunday night at Melanie’s.

Held over! - Parousia at Melanie's – September 14, 1980

Held over! – Parousia at Melanie’s – September 14, 1980

Music fans wanted to see us perform our “Good vs. Evil show-set” which brought into reality a unique compilation of original and cover material adding costumes, props and special effects.

The show featured Parousia’s original songs, like “Cotton Holiday” and “Lucifer’s Lament” as well as cover songs by  Alice Cooper (“Second Coming” and “The Ballad of Dwight Fry”), Jethro Tull (“Locomotive Breath”, “Cross Eyed Mary”, “Hymn 43”), Kansas, (“The Portrait”) and Blondie (“One Way Or Another” and “I Know But I Don’t Know”).

Parousia at Melanies 09.14.1980

Parousia at Melanie’s 09.14.1980

About a month earlier we had new band photos taken at Forest Lawn Cemetery. We needed new pics to include keyboardist Eric Scheda who recently replaced David Maltbie.  The band shots were taken by Marsha Falkowski, wife of Rick Falkowski, our manager at Backstage Productions.   It turned out better than we had imagined. We finally had an image that fit our music!

Parousia at (Forest Lawn 1980)Falkowski,Marcia

The band Parousia, 1980, proudly posed and packaged by Backstage Productions.

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