Parousia CANCELLED Due To Beez At Uncle Sam’s, Feb. 5, 1981

Parousia’s February gig at Uncle Sam’s was scheduled to be the band’s first of the New Year after taking hiatus in January to rest after a very busy December that included shows at much larger venues like Uncle Sam’s, The Four Fathoms and then a concert at the Granada Theater opening for Pegasonics. The entire band looked forward to playing Uncle Sam’s again, but unfortunately this gig was not to be and was cancelled under mysterious circumstances…

Uncle Sams 02.05.1981

Why? Was it because of some secret rivalry between Parousia and The Beez?  Was it because both our bands shared the same booking agent at Backstage Productions and competed against each other for primo gigs??

The Beez

The Beez: “Like us, or DIE!”

Or maybe because their band photo frightened us (it looked as if they would kill you with their instruments if you crossed them).  I don’t know, but when The Beez found out Parousia was officially opening for them at Uncle Sam’s, the gig was suddenly cancelled.

The Alfa Men & women of Uncle Sams

Our fans at Uncle Sam’s were so very disappointed… but decided to party on without us?

This was a disappointment we didn’t need. We had to tell everyone the gig was “off” and that sucks when you have to do that.  It makes fans think twice before driving out to see you at your next gig…

The following week, our spirits were lifted and back to crazy-normal thanks to a fun Valentine’s gig at Orchard Park High School on Friday, February 13.  Then, things got much much better two-weeks after the Uncle Sam’s cancellation.  Parousia’s song “Miss Ogyny” landed a track on the 97 Rock “homegrown album”! Woo Hoo! Things were looking up up up!

Parousia 1981

Parousia 1981

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