“One Good One Bad” at Kelly’s Inn, Buffalo, NY

Parousia’s 1st gig at Kelly’s Inn – Saturday September 1, 1979.

We had just finished playing our first gig at Frank’s Casanova on a Wednesday and were ready for a better crowd on Saturday at Kelly’s Inn.  Ok, to tell you the truth I don’t recall a lot about Kelly’s inn. It was a small club on South Park Avenue in Buffalo.

It had a very small raised stage in the corner of the bar.  A lot of loyal patrons and pretty-much a local gin-mill with its own unique clientele who did like us.  So the club owner booked us back for a second gig next month in October and this time it was for the entire weekend, Friday and Saturday.

Seven in Kim's Basement, Kenmore NY

Parousia Fresco – Commissioned by the Vatican, Circa 1979.

Parousia’s second gig at Kelly’s Inn – Reunited and it feels so good…

CANCELLED - Kelly's Inn, Friday and Saturday October 12th-13th, 1979

CANCELLED – Kelly’s Inn, Friday and Saturday October 12th-13th, 1979

This was going to be our first show after being reunited with Kim Watts… (we had briefly “parted ways” over a series of unpleasant events as previously told on the Frank’s Casanova web post on ParousiaBuff.)  Unfortunately, this show was cancelled on us in one of the worst possible ways…

After renting a U-haul and loading it up with all the equipment we drove it out to the Kelly’s Inn.  While we were unloading the truck, the bar owner came outside and apologized.  He said that he had “forgot” about booking our band and hired another band for the same weekend!  I mean, could it have been any worse?

It wasn’t cheap renting that 14’ U-haul truck and we weren’t getting that money back.  Then, we had to pay our road crew something for breaking down and moving the equipment.  Well, that left a bad taste in our mouths and we never played there again… and Kelly’s Inn is just a big empty lot now… HA!

Former location of Kelly’s Inn, 827 South Park Ave. Buffalo, NY

Former location of Kelly’s Inn, 827 South Park Ave. Buffalo, NY

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