Parousia’s Last Show at McVan’s Saturday, August 9th 1980

On this Saturday night, (a prime spot on the weekend) Joe T Rose “guaranteed” (Ha!) to pay us $100.00 to open for the band Video (formerly known as Rasputin, a Kiss tribute band) but at the end of the night, we only got $85.00… Hurrumph, same ol’ McVans!

Notice the Gusto AD. ‘Electroman’ and ‘the Factor’ were two bands performing on Friday night, August 8th. Electroman featured our friend and artist extraordinaire, Mark Freeland.

On the same bill as Electroman was the new wave/punk band, “the Factor” featuring guitarist and vocalist Jim Couch, a good friend of mine. Other members of ‘the Factor’ include Jimbo Freeland, Scott Davison, Bob Weider and Roy Stayley.

I worked with Jim Couch for many years at “Tops Friendly Markets” (Tops #207) on Kenmore Avenue near Elmwood. In the mid 80’s, Jim and I rented a loft at 1660 Kenmore, above a warehouse. The empty studio across from the loft eventually evolved into a place we refer to as “the Chamber” which became our personal studio, performance space and musical laboratory for all things Parousia from 1984 to 1986.

Buffalo Buffalo 'Fab 7' flyer Elmwood ave Art Gallery 05.04.1980 (3)

Photo: Elmwood Ave. Art Gallery; Barry (Kneeling), Patt, Kim, Bob, Garth, Gerry, Eric

Mc Vans Saturday, August 9th 1980 Buffalo Evening News 'Gusto' advert

Buffalo Evening News ‘Gusto’ ad; McVans, August 9th, 1980

Mc Vans Saturday, August 9th 1980 Buffalo Evening News 'Calendar' listing

August 9th 1980 Buffalo Evening News ‘Calendar’ listing for McVans

Mark Freeland and Kent Weber

Kent Weber (Left) with Mark Freeland (right). Photo courtesy of Val Dunne.

The Factor with Jim Couch, (far right),

The Factor, with Jim Couch (far right) and Jimbo Freeland, Scott Davison, Bob Weider and Roy Stayley.

Third Floor Strangers McVans 1980

The Third Floor Strangers, aka: the Tourists at McVans 1980

McVans_book of matches

McVan’s – Matches anyone? Cigars? Cigarettes? Tiparillos?

McVans_book of matches (back)

5 comments for “Parousia’s Last Show at McVan’s Saturday, August 9th 1980

  1. Gerry North
    October 26, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    I want to point out that shortly after this gig, McVans closed it doors for good. Now, i’m not saying its bad karma… but Joe did stiff us for $15.00 and well, one night after closing time around 4:00 am, a river rat bit Joe’s favorite cat and it died. The next day the cat was discovered by the bar maid Bambi who called Joe in a panic. Rumor has it that Joe was so upset by this, he closed the doors to McVans forever…
    Well, all i can say is… shoulda’ paid us the $15.00 Joe!

    • Judy Terrose Rice
      November 9, 2013 at 2:12 pm

      Hi Gerry, Dad was a businessman and a tough one at that. Loved your pictures! McVans was a “hole in the wall” but Dad gave so many great musicians their start. There was no place like McVans to hear great music in the “old days”. RIP JOE

      • Gerry North Cannizzaro
        November 9, 2013 at 10:07 pm

        Hi Judy, Thank-you for visiting our site and leaving your comments, I have to let you know that McVan’s is a special place that holds some terrific memories for me and many of my friends. I saw so many great bands and artists play there. Some of which I knew for many years. I liked Joe and wish i had thanked him for providing a garden to grow our talent. …Obviously I was just joking about the $15.00. 😉

        I will always cherish my time at McVan’s and that of Joe spray painting the white light bulbs before we went on stage. :-). Come back and visit us anytime you are always welcome here.

  2. Dave T.
    October 30, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    I was doing sound for a band out of Rochester called ‘Cappy and the Frenchmen’ in early 1980 and we played at McVan’s opening up for a Buffalo band called The Toys. (I bought one of their singles!) I seem to recall part of the club had a low ceiling.

    Dave Turner

  3. Catherine
    November 9, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    My ex used to play there in the late 70s in a band called the Tourists (later name changed to The 3rd Floor Strangers). I remember the place well. There was a wall covered in signatures of all of the “greats” of the 40’s and 50’s who played there. By the late 70’s the place was so bad – I remember sitting at the bar chatting with the women who ran the place (Bambi?), and HUGE rats were climbing in and out of the trash cans in the bar space. The upstairs was only open for using rest rooms (at your own risk) – the rest was dark. The downstairs/main floor at the time did have a low ceiling and a punk band who played the same bill as my ex’s had a following who would smash their fists into the ceiling tiles as they “moshed”. I actually had to help clean up cat crap from the band stand – cats were “rented” to try and keep the rat population under control, but the rats usually won, cats went missing. But, it was a great scene!!

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