Hertel Happening Outdoor Summer Concert – 08.01.1981

Parousia played the “Hertel Happening” festival in August of 1981.  I like doing those outdoor daytime things, it’s a nice change from the nightclub scene, but I remember during this show, it was so hot I had a hard time keeping my guitar in tune, that was a real challenge. The Hertel Happening was like a big block party where they blocked off Hertel Ave from Colvin to Delaware, I think, for a long weekend, and had street vendors and attractions, lots of good food of course, music, and all the local businesses and restaurants ran promotions and special events.  I always enjoyed attending, it was kind of like the Allentown Art Festival but not as crazy, and it was a great opportunity to showcase the band, even if we did have to pack up and get to another gig that night. That part of the city has a strong Italian presence, so the Hertel Happening eventually became the Italian Festival and is an even bigger annual event in North Buffalo today.

(1) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Left to right: Bob Lowden, Barry Cannizzaro, Garth Huels, Eric Scheda, Patt Connolly (in front).

(2) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Patt Connolly, Barry Cannizzaro, Garth Huels, (Steve Stein- roadie in yellow T-shirt)

(3) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Patt Connolly on flute with Bob Lowden (bass) and Gerry Cannizzzaro (drums)

(4) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Gerry North Cannizzaro

(5) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Robert Lowden (bass) and Gerry Cannizzaro (drums)

(6) Hertel Happening 08.01.1981

Gerry North Cannizzaro and his surrealistic North drum kit


Buffalo Evening News  - Hertel Happening 08.01.1981. Delaware to Colvin Ave

Buffalo Evening News – Hertel Happening 08.01.1981. Delaware to Colvin Ave

Dave Styn - Lead Roadie and Sound Engineer

Dave Styn – Lead Roadie and Sound Engineer

Buffalo Backstage August 1st, 1981

Buffalo Backstage August 1st, 1981


4 comments for “Hertel Happening Outdoor Summer Concert – 08.01.1981

  1. Gerry North
    July 10, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    the Hertel Happening 08/01/1981

    This was a very muggy Saturday afternoon in August with a gray sky and a hot wind. The kind of day that casts a wicked glare on everything and it hurts your eyes to look up… I guess that’s why I am squinting in these photos.

    The Hertel Happening was Parousia’s first gig of the day (a freebie) and later that same night we were booked to perform at the Eagle’s Roost in Olcott, a cool little club on the lake. Two gigs in one day meant the roadies would have to set up, tear down, load and unload all the band equipment twice and get paid for only one gig. Their argument… because they worked two separate gigs in one day they should get twice the pay. I remember Dave Styn saying… “I can’t wait until I graduate and then I can tell Parousia Fuck-You!” So let that be a lesson to you kiddies… STAY IN SCHOOL or you might become a roadie. LOL! Our road crew on this day included the following ‘droputs’: Dave Styn, head roadie and live sound and his brother Steve Styn. You can see Steve in the second picture from the top… he’s the guy in sun glasses standing off-stage on the far right in a yellow Parousia T-shirt. There was also Tom Smith and of course Keith Huels, roadie extraordinaire and lighting tech.

    We attracted a decent sized crowd at this local street fair currently known as the ‘Italian Festival’. We were located right on Hertel Ave. near Virgil, very close to the original Starseed Enterprise and Lombardo’s restaurant. I think Gables bar was right behind us…

    Parousia lucked-out at this gig. We had a photographer from the Buffalo Evening news stop by and take a picture from a second floor window behind us. I knew there were people back there; watching us from ‘on high’… but all the while i was playing the drums I couldn’t shake the thought that someone was going to throw something down on my head! (One of the roadies seeking revenge perhaps?).

    In the news clipping, you can see an empty space in the crowd directly in front of the stage. That’s because we were so incredibly loud! The sheer power of our sound waves forced people back. Oh and it was a nice little space to start a mosh pit, or to dance, or go deaf.

    Around that same time the August edition of “Buffalo Backstage” magazine hit the stands. It featured a Parousia ad with a new promo picture of the band but for the first time, without Kim Watts.

  2. August 2, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Wow man; this was an excellent outdoor gig to play for real good exposure. I can’t believe how “buffed” I looked back then, almost like a Carlos Santana on steroids. Giggidy! Bob Lowden our bass player’ ‘kinda had that Jimmy Hendrix look to him. I have to say I can’t blame Dave Styn and the other roadies feeling they got cheated out of their pay that day; however we never got paid for that gig ourselves; so we only had enough money to pay them for the Eagles Roost show in Olcott, N.Y. Such is the life of a starving artist as they say, and believe me “THEY” ARE RIGHT! Still I’ll never forget those very exciting; happy memorable days. No matter how I try to duplicate them in these current times, I just can’t do it player! I guess that chapter in my life can never be re-lived or rewritten. Yikes, I’m starting to sound like freakin’ Walt Whitman or Robert Frost for God’s sake. Slap a Green Giant label on all this “corn.” Peace out and keep on ‘rockin pilgrims!

    Barry ‘da dim witted guitarist!

  3. Christopher Smith
    March 3, 2019 at 11:05 am

    8.1.81: Hertel Happening. I was there.

  4. Tom Rauen
    August 29, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    Very cool…I love the musical history of this town, thanks for sharing.

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