First Show At The Wooden Nickel, Olean NY. Saturday 09/19/1981

Tonight was Parousia’s second long road trip since Lou’s Inn.  We were all hoping for a ‘feel-good’ on-the-road experience to wash away the failure at Lou’s which still loomed over us like a dark cloud.

Wooden Nickel 1981. Patt Connolly, Garth Huels, Eric Scheda, Robert Lowden, Barry and Gerry Cannizzaro.

Wooden Nickel 1981. Patt Connolly, Garth Huels, Eric Scheda, Robert Lowden, Barry and Gerry Cannizzaro.

As it turned out, the band had a good show for our first go-around at the Wooden Nickel. Our performance tonight was the last in a three-night run; it all stated on Thursday September 17th at the Starting Gate Café in Buffalo, NY followed by Friday September 18th at the Rusty Nail way out in Jamestown NY and ending on Saturday September 19th at the Wooden Nickel in Olean NY.


The directions given to us from Backstage Productions were cryptic at best… Take 400 to route 16 to Olean, turn right at a bank… pass a railroad, a Burger King, a Palace? On right hand side? Wha??  It was emphasized, STRICT start time of 10:00 pm – 2:00 am. It was true, Parousia was notorious for starting late, but we always played longer sets to make up for it!


Most of the band decided to stay overnight because it just made sense having all of our equipment and crew in Jamestown and then having to perform the next night in Olean. It didn’t seem practical to take all of that back to Buffalo for one night and then drive back out to Olean.

Garth and Nicole couldn’t stay because Garth had to work the day shift at Starseed Enterprise on Hertel Ave in Buffalo. As for the rest of us, we packed ourselves into two-rooms at the moderately priced Woodlawn Hotel. We killed some time between shows playing ball, went rowing out on the lake and I caught a cold… oh well, that’s rock n’ roll.  >a-choo!<


We had Gregg Filippone out with us to set up and run sound for $50.00 and we paid him an extra $20.00 for gas to drive out from Buffalo to Jamestown and then to Olean. Mike Carroll set up and ran the lights for $40.00.  Dave Styn, Parousia’s “head roadie” was there and Garth’s cousin Randy. Backstage was paid their 15% cut, $52.50 and we paid Rick Falcowski and extra $5.00 for renting his ARP Omni synthesizer.

All in all, the expense totaled $347.50; fortunately we were paid $350.00!

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