Drink And Drown Plus PAROUSIA At Buff State College 03.06.1981

“…If I told them once I told them a thousand times… It’s PAROUSIA first then Drink and Drown!”

Drink & Drown Poster

I spite of the billing mishap, this was the band’s grand return to Buff State College and with an early start-time of 21:00, which we found out later meant 9:00 pm. The band was used to starting at the clubs around 10:00-10:30 pm on most nights.  The social hall filled up into a big crowd that got out of control (just the way we liked it)!  Heck, what can you expect with winter gone, spring in the air and college students attending a $3.00 “all you can drink and drown!”

Parousia 1980
PAROUSIA: Barry Cannizzaro, Garth Huels, Robert Lowden, Eric Scheda, Kim Watts, Patt Connolly Gerry Cannizzaro.

I remember us performing a version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” that really connected with these party animals.

Buffalo State College 03.06.81

The ‘Fa-King’ reference on the below flyer is a pun relating Buffalo’s “Talking Proud” promo to a Steve Martin comedy skit that was very popular at the time.

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