Disney Rejects Parousia + Live At The Troubadour May 20, 1991


On May 20, 1991, the band returned for an encore performance of “Virtual Reality” at the F.M. Station. We were expecting some new faces in the audience because three-days earlier Music Connection magazine published a review of the show in their May-June edition.

Music Connection Review of 'Virtual Reality' May 17th, 1991

Review of ‘Virtual Reality’ published in Music Connection Magazine. 05/17/1991

The entire performance looked very professional at the FM Station. The lighting equipment there was especially complimentary to our show.

Parousia Group at The FM Station, North Hollywood, CA

Ticket to see PAROUSIA’s “Virtual Reality” show at the F.M. Station May 20, 1991

Ticket to see Parousia’s “Virtual Reality” show at the F.M. Station May 20, 1991

Around this time, Marianne Smith, the band’s booking agent and promoter, mailed a press-kit of the “Virtual Reality” show to Disneyland to see if we could join the ranks of entertainment there… Disney’s response was very definitive… “Regretfully, we do not have an opening in our entertainment schedule for your particular act at the present time, nor do we anticipate any openings in the near future…”

Rejection letter from Disneyland Talent Resources, Entertainment Division

So, basically, sorry Parousia… not now, OR EVER!  Not very “inclusive” of the Mouse to shine us off like that.  Maybe our “particular act” was too scary for the kids? …too sexy?  Maybe it was just bad timing. After all, it was still ten-years away from the opening of the Down Town Disney district which added more outdoor stages and several new acts to play live music. If only the letter said, “try again in 10-years”… >sigh<

Virtual Reality program - Inside back cover- published reviews

The Parousia Group (Counter clockwise): Iain Ashley, Patt Connolly, Claudine Connolly, Lisa Hendershot, Jeremy Yeremian, Kenny Gray, Gerry Cannizzaro, Margaret Strickland Gina Raffel, Karen Springer.

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