The Chamber – First Show At Parousia’s Exclusive Showcase Venue

Patt Connolly – vocals/flute/keyboards

Patt Connolly – vocals/flute/keyboards

the Chamber - May 1984 (1)

Inside the Chamber, May 1984

At the Chamber, we focused on creating alternative music and developing our overall presentation. We took the time to develop multi-media concepts and then turn them into events, such as “Art & Science”, “Time & Space”, “Church & State” and “Love, Lust and Wreckage”.

Every show was a new opportunity to create an interesting and memorable concert with a close-up-and-personal feel.   It was raw, not over-produced. You could hear and see the music the way we wrote it and presented it.

The Chamber - May 1984

Garth Huels – vocals/guitar

Robert Lowden – vocals/bass/guitar

Robert Lowden – vocals/bass/guitar

All-in-all Parousia performed 12 shows at the Chamber.  We started in 1984 not long after Gerry moved into a flat on the Kenmore Avenue side of the warehouse with Jim Couch (Guitarist for the Factor, Future History, Camouflage and others).  Both of those guys were working at ‘Tops Friendly Markets’, which was about 200 yards down the street, past Kenmore Lanes.

first reherasal at the Chamber - May 1984

Gerry North Cannizzaro – Drums and percussion

By May 1984, we were ready to give our new music a trial run in front of an audience.  We started nice and easy, scheduled our first show on May 26, a Saturday night. We opened the show to a select audience comprised of friends and family for the first go-around.

the Chamber 05.26.1984

Invitation to preview new original music by Parousia at the Chamber, Saturday, May 26, 1984

We had veteran roadies helping us with sound and lighting. Keith Huels, who ran lights and hauled equipment for Parousia from 1979-1982 and Barry Cannizzaro, rhythm guitarist for Parousia 1975-1982.  It was a good first debut. We observed the crowd’s reaction to each and every song.  It helped us identify the rough-spots and where to focus our attention.

THE CHAMBER 1984-1986 - Parousia inhabited the second floor of this building at 1660 Kenmore Avenue.

THE CHAMBER 1984-1986 – Parousia inhabited the second floor of this building located at 1660 Kenmore Avenue.


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