Parousia steals the show at Buffalo State College – September 11, 1981

This was one of those special nights for the band where it all just seemed to fall into place. Parousia played one set of music comprised of our most popular tunes and the party animals in the Buff State social hall showed their appreciation (and then some) once we took the stage after JDM Hybrid finished their set.  

Technically, JDM Hybrid was the headliner…. they had more promotion for the show (their photo was the only one shown on the official flyer advertising the gig) but Parousia stole the show and was paid $250.00 while JDM Hybrid earned $16.00.


Patt Connolly Buff State. Fri. Sept. 11th 1981

Patt Connolly, flute & vocals. Gerry North Cannizzaro, Buff State 09/11/1981

Garth Huels Buff State. Sept. 11th 1981

Garth Huels, lead guitar and vocals. Barry Cannizzaro, guitar & vocals – Buff State College 09/11/1981

Robert Lowden Buff State Fri. Sept. 11th 1981

Robert Lowden and his Ovation bass guitar at Buff State 09/11/1981

Gerry North - Buff State Fri. Sept. 11th 1981

Gerry North, rockin’ the North drum kit at Buff State 09/11/1981

Patt Conolly Buff State. Sept. 11th 1981 - Playing Myron

Parousia in costume performing the mini-rock opera ‘Myron’ at Buff State

Buff State Social Hall- Fri. Sept. 11th 1981

Gath Huels, Robert Lowden, Gerry North Cannizzaro September 11, 1981

Buff State Social Hall- Fri. Sept. 11th 1981

Buff State Social Hall- Fri. Sept. 11th 1981- Flyer Parousia with JDM Hybrid at Buff State 09/11/1981

Not only did the band give a flawless performance we actually made some money after all was said and done.  Gregg Filippone was enlisted to set up the P.A. and run the sound board for $45.00. Dave Styn, Parousia’s ‘head roadie’ was paid $30.00 and Keith Huels and Tom (Tim) Miller each were paid $10.00 for their tireless contributions.  Mike Carroll set-up and ran the light-show for $45.00.  Barry was reimbursed $15.00 gas money (for lugging us around in his car to and from the gig) and the truck rental cost $58.00.  All-in-all the expense for this show totaled $213.00 which netted the band $37.00 for the night.

Financial Statement for this Buff State show.

Financial Statement for this Buff State show.

Strange factoid:  Who could have guessed that exactly twenty-years later there would be a series of coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda and we would forever know September 11th as “9-11“.

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