The Mark Studios Recording Sessions November 22, 1985

Mark Custom Recording Service

Parousia recording sessions at Mark Studios, Clarence, NY. November 22 – November 30, 1985. (“Turnaround”, “Tiffany”, “the Graduation”). Produced by Colin Hilborne, (Ex-roadie for the Faces and Elton John).

Parousia reformed in 1984 and ever since our inception we all agreed to accomplish one goal.  Record our original material and create unique shows to promote that music to fans on the college circuit.

Prog-Pop Rockers Parousia 1985

Prog-Pop Rockers Parousia 1985

After recording four new songs at Loft studios in 1984 and creating a music video, we hit the recording studio three more times in 1985, starting in July at Filippone sound, where we recorded six songs and then again in October at Select Sound where we recorded ‘Place your Bets’.  Our manager, Colin Hilborne suggested he produce three new songs to compliment the “Place your Bets” track.

We agreed and in November we began recording at the studio of his choice, Mark Studios in Clarence, NY where we laid down, “Turnaround,” “Tiffany” and “Graduation” – The result of which formed our first commercially released Cassette EP, titled “Turnaround”.  Turnaround was released in October of 1987 on the ‘Rock Dog Records’ label in Hollywood, CA.

Colin Hilborne Lounging Poolside

Colin Hilborne Lounging Poolside

The Turnaround EP was available in Buffalo at: Play it Again Sam’s, Record Theatre, New World Records, Record Mine, Record Connection, Home of the Hits and Terrapin Station and available in Los Angeles at: Rhino Records, Bleeker Bob’s and Second Time Around on Melrose Ave.

1988 Buffalo Ad for Parousia's Turnaround EP

1988 Buffalo Ad for Parousia’s Turnaround EP

Out of the three songs we recorded at Mark Studios, ‘Turnaround’ and ‘Tiffany’ were the two most popular.  Turnaround and Tiffany received generous airplay on two top L.A. radio stations, KLOS and KROQ.  Tiffany was picked as a backing track in the 1989 movie, “Stepfather II”.  Directed by Jeff Burr and produced by William Burr.  Both were friends with Robert Lowden.

Stepfather II featured Parousia's "Tiffany" in the soundtrack

Stepfather II featured Parousia’s “Tiffany” in the soundtrack

A review of the ‘Turnaround’ EP sums up our efforts to date nicely, “Parousia is not a sure bet to score a major record deal.  But they have done the most important thing: for a number of years they have consistently worked to write record and improve in the process.  ‘Turnaround’ is good enough to get this band their chance.” – Buffalo Nightlife Magazine

Buffalo Nightlife reviews Parousia's "Turnaround" EP Jan. 1988

Buffalo Nightlife reviews Parousia’s “Turnaround” EP Jan. 1988

2 comments for “The Mark Studios Recording Sessions November 22, 1985

  1. Morgan Raye
    April 27, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    That is very cool, Ger! However… wish you could have posted this a bit sooner! I was just trying to salvage an old tape that I had from a box that was clearly apparent mice had made their home in and were listening to your tapes…

  2. Gerry Cannizzaro
    March 18, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    I remember that when the band recorded basic rhythm tracks for the songs, we were set up in one large room facing each other, drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. Our vocalist sang along on a scratch track to help us keep the live flow. More keyboards, acoustic guitar and flute were over-dubbed throughout that same week.

    Colin Hilborne, our producer, insisted I use the Simmons SDS-9 electronic drum kit on the majority of the recordings to give the songs a more diverse sound. I used the electronic kit on two of the three songs, “Tiffany” and “Graduation”. For the song “Turnaround” I needed a more 70’s progressive rock sound and I could only get that using the North “Nexus” acoustic drum kit.

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