Rock Dog Records Releases Updated Parousia Discography

Rock Dog Records celebrates its 40th anniversary with international recording artists Parousia by re-releasing the band’s entire collection of music with plans to add new albums including previously unreleased live and studio material from the band’s career, 1984-2019.

Expect live material from performances that include notable venues throughout Western NY and Southern CA. Songs like “Lucifer’s Lament”, “Modern Women”, “I Wish”, “Northway/Vermont” “Tug Of War” and “Dirty Hands”. Also in the works is a series of compilation albums, i.e.: “The Progressive-Rock collection”, “The Alternative-Rock collection” and a compilation of the band’s most uplifting material.

Looking to the future, Parousia has just released to the general public their first album in over 20 years titled “Moon Dogs” featuring the band’s newest tracks released in 2019, (“The Weekday Song” and “No Songs For Mary”).

Presently the band is back in the recording studio working on a Christmas song and two new progressive-rock songs, The first is a soulful ballad similar in style to “Lucky Man” by ELP and the second is a Frank Zappa-ish nine-and-a-half minute progressive-rock operetta titled, “Myron”. A song performed many times during the band’s career in the 1980’s but never professionally recorded in a studio, until now.

All Parousia albums are now available for streaming: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, You Tube, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, KKBox and MediaNet. CDs can be purchased at look for the artist name “Parousia-2



“MOON DOGS”, the newest tracks from the band PAROUSIA featuring two new songs released to the public June 2019, with original core musicians Patt Connolly (vocals/keyboards/flute); Garth Huels (acoustic /electric guitar); Robert Lowden (bass guitar/electric guitar); Gerry North Cannizzaro (drums). The four key members of the band last recorded together in 1986 and come together now to present a new set of tracks in the classic Parousia style.

1) “No Songs For Mary” – a dark and intensely moody alt-rock song lamenting the emptiness of living when your loved one has departed this world; lyrics influenced by the John Donne poem. “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, the music reflects the band’s dark and mysterious side, similar in style to some of their 1985 recordings, “Lie Awake” and “Egos”  from the “Life Is The Real” album.

2) “The Weekday Song” – an upbeat progressive rock song that questions the practicality of loving someone who is unobtainable. This song features the band’s signature heavy guitar and rock-flute sound, reminiscent of the best Parousia recordings such as “The Weekend Starts Tonight” from the “Loft” album (1984) ” and “Place Your Bets” from the “Turnaround” E.P. (1987). 

MOON DOGS” CD Front Cover and Tray Card
MOON DOGS” Inside Cover and CD Label

2) ALIVE IN LA. by Parousia – RDOG 1990

“ALIVE IN L.A.” is a two-track single by Parousia featuring original members, Gerry Cannizzaro (drums), Patt Connolly (vocals /keyboards), Robert Lowden (vocal/guitar/bass) and joining the band on keyboards for “Mary’s Gone” is Marty Leggett from Reno, Nevada.

Side ‘A’ is “No Time For Keron” (1998) the only studio recording made by the band since arriving in Los Angeles in 1987. (Until the band’s reunion in 2018 and subsequent release of new studio recordings). “No Time For Keron” features original members, Gerry Cannizzaro (drums), Patt Connolly (vocals /keyboards) and Robert Lowden (vocal/guitar/bass). Lowden weaves a haunting melody over Connolly’s unique vocal stylings and chaotic experimental keyboard, together forming a thick and moody alternative rock song and a 90’s Parousia classic.

Side ‘B’ is a live version of “May’s Gone”, written by Robert Lowden and recorded at The Music Machine, Santa Monica, CA. 1989. “Mary’s Gone” is one of the band’s best rock ballads. An emotionally charged song that laments the recent death of a loved one and the sense of loss and confusion that follows. Featuring musicians: Patt Connolly (vocal); Robert Lowden (guitar); Gerry Cannizzaro (drums) and joining the band on keyboards is Marty Leggett from Reno, Nevada. “Mary’s Gone” is an adjunct to the band’s later release, “No Songs For Mary” (2019).

ALIVE IN L.A.” CD Front Cover and Tray Card
ALIVE IN L.A.” Inside Cover and CD Label


The “Turnaround” E.P. by Parousia features four of the band’s best and most popular recordings. Produced and recorded in two studios; Select Sound, Kenmore NY (“Place your Bets”) and Mark Studios, Clarence NY (“Turnaround”, “Tiffany” and “The Graduation”). Music at Mark Studios was produced by Colin Hilborne, (Small Faces and Elton John).

The “Turnaround” E.P. was released in October 1987 after the band moved to Los Angeles and signed to the Hollywood independent record label, Rock Dog Records. Following its release, “Turnaround” was well received by critics in the band’s home town Buffalo, NY and Los Angeles, CA and was broadcast on major L.A. radio stations, WGRQ and KLOS. The track “Tiffany” became immortalized in the movie “Step Father II”. Musicians: Patt Connolly (flute/vocals); Garth Huels (electric & acoustic guitar/vocals); Robert Lowden (bass/acoustic & electric guitar/vocals); Gerry Cannizzaro (electronic/acoustic drums) and with Bill Simms (keyboards).

TURNAROUND” CD Front Cover and Tray card
TURNAROUND” Inside Cover and CD Label


The album “Life is the Real” by Parousia is a pensive and powerful collection of progressive/alt-rock songs, written and developed by the band during their ‘psychedelic phase’ 1984-1985 at “The Chamber”, Buffalo, NY. All tracks recorded at Filippone Sound in the summer of 1985, Buffalo, NY.

Featuring Musicians: Patt Connolly (flute/vocals); Garth Huels (electric & acoustic guitar/vocals); Robert Lowden (bass/acoustic-electric guitar/vocals); Gerry Cannizzaro (electronic/acoustic drums). Tracks on the CD include: “Rock Bottom”, “Pain Desire”, “Lie Awake”, “(I’m Gonna’) Kill You”, “Egos” and “Life Is the Real”. This ambitious E.P. shows the evolution of the bands songwriting while at “The Chamber” and reflects the symbiosis between the four members.

Their work together on this album produced catchy, diverse and commercially viable tracks, steering more towards the ‘alternative rock’ direction and away from the traditional ‘progressive-rock’ shores, although, you can hear traces of classic progressive-rock elements in the body of work. Live versions of songs featured on the “Life Is the Real” album can be found on You Tube, capturing select performances of the band from Western NY and Southern CA.

LIFE IS THE REAL” CD Front Cover and Tray Card
LIFE IS THE REAL” CD Inside Cover and CD Label

5) “LOFT” by PAROUSIA – RDOG 1984

The “LOFT” album by Parousia: The band’s 1984 return to the recording studio, this time as a leaner version of its former self to offer six new progressive / alt-rock songs. This collection shows the band’s maturity in songwriting and features some of their ‘heaviest hitters’ including tracks, “The Weekend Starts Tonight”, “People’s Court”, “Keep Running”, “Caesar of the Modern Home”, “(She’s) Moving Out to L.A.” and “All the Time in the World.”

All songs recorded at Loft Studio, Cheektowaga, NY. Engineered by Jim Sommers and Don ‘Donnie’ Peters. Executive producer- Rick Falkowski (Buffalo Backstage Magazine). Featuring Musicians: Patt Connolly (flute/vocals); Garth Huels (electric & acoustic guitar/vocals); Robert Lowden (bass/acoustic-electric guitar/vocals); Gerry Cannizzaro (electronic/acoustic drums). “Keep Running” also appears as a concept music video on You Tube.

LOFT” CD Front Cover and Tray Card
LOFT” CD Inside Cover and CD Label


A collection of rock songs recorded at Filippone Sound, Buffalo NY, in the summer of 1980 featuring the bands earliest, most eclectic and imaginative efforts. Parousia had in place only one-rule for this recording session… you could come in with any song you wanted as long as the band could play it! This led to some very interesting arrangements and styles. Garth and Kim came in with Miss Ogyny (the hit song featured on “Buffalo Rocks” 97-Rock ‘home grown’ album). Patt came in with “Malmedy”, a six-minute mini-rock-opera with several time and tempo changes. “Oh My Love”, written by Garth Huels, a song influenced by early Brit-Invasion. “Revelation”, the title track is a Patt Connolly creation, featuring compelling melodies and synth-riffs interwoven with heavy-guitar licks plus that awesome flute!

REVELATION” CD Front Cover and Tray card
REVELATION” CD Inside Cover and CD Label


A couple of original tunes from 1979 when Gary Storm invited local Buffalo band ‘Parousia’ to perform live on the air for the “Oil Of Dog” late night radio show, WBFO the University of Buffalo (U.B.) radio station. All seven members of the band were crammed in a studio the size of a dorm room and cranked out two of their best songs at the time: “Cotton Holiday” a classic progressive-rock tune featuring blistering flute over heavy guitar. “Angel” a classic Brit-invasion inspired rock tune, instantly catchy and uplifting. Read More at,

OIL OF DOG” CD Front Cover and Tray Card
OIL OF DOG” Inside Cover and CD Label

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