STAGHORN: PAROUSIA I, Saint Louis Missouri – NOPE, NOT US.

PAROUSIA I by STAGHORN… dark enough for ya’?

PAROUSIA I by STAGHORN… dark enough for ya’?

Searching the internet for the original rock band PAROUSIA from Buffalo, NY, can sometimes prove challenging and confusing. For example, your dogged and relentless search may have led you to a band out of Saint Louis Missouri called STAGHORN and their album PAROUSIA I – Kismet II.

Staghorn unmasked

The band’s musical style ranges between Pink Floyd and Mega-Death. The music can be described as heavy & dark progressive-instrumental. There’s no singing, but there is a “narration” in a few of the tracks.  Many times the narrative is buried in reverb making the words unintelligible; however the overall sound quality of the recording is excellent and the playing is very good (the drummer really stands out).

STAGHORN… the Horn of the Stag

STAGHORN… the Horn of the Stag

Their web page reads, “We are Staghorn. An enigmatically narrated three-piece outfit from St. Louis, Missouri debuts“Parousia I / Kismet II” – 30 minutes of euphonic introspection where global ethic and activism transcend the traditional parameters of music.  Music. Thought. Action. Solidarity.   You, are Staghorn.”

You can hear their album on You tube:



Side A::
1: Oro De Corazon
2: Trins Chado Ocho Rio

Side B::
3: Siri Skylark
4: Sheeba



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