The Neo-Progressive Rock Band In India – Still Not Us

The Progressive rock band PAROUSIA of India

The Progressive rock band PAROUSIA of India

A strong presence in the spirit of the original Buffalo based Parousia is the Indian rock/metal band Parousia from Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru) playing at JIPMER, Pondicherry at Spandan (their annual fest) in September,2010.  This video has 703 views so someone out their likes these boys.


This is about as progressive as you can get and I suppose if in an inverse world we (the Buffalo Parousia) were born in India then this is what we might have sounded like.  At the very least, we would have been honored to have this group perform as our opening act.  They could call the show “the Parousia’s from opposite ends of the Earth” tour.  Or a true-life “good vs. Evil show set where the Indian Parousia is the “good” and us, (the Buffalo Parousia), is the “evil”.

Ranjit Abraham - front man

Ranjit Abraham – front man

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