Parousia From Stroud (England) – Nope, Not Us

For all of you who ended up here looking for the original Parousia from Buffalo, N.Y. Sorry, this is definitely not us.  These lads are a five piece band based in the town of Stroud in the county of Gloucestershire, England. They have a web page on Reverb Nation

Parousia recording in Dublin (GDFF) 2007

Parousia recording in Dublin (GDFF) 2007

They have two music videos on the web featuring the song G.D.F.F. (an acronym for “Girls Date For Free) with the following upload notes: “Parousia recorded their new EP at Temple Lane Studios in Dublin earlier this year (2007). During this time they were filmed for a documentary to be aired in Ireland only. We have obtained the footage and here it is for you all to enjoy.”

lead singer

From the band’s “about” page:

“…We are probably best described as an Indie/rock outfit and generally focus on producing uplifting, high tempo guitar driven songs. We pride ourselves on our clear vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrical content. Between us our influences vary greatly (from Led Zeppelin to the Doors, from Joy Division to Pink Floyd), but between us they come together to form our own unique sound.”

rhythm guitarist1

“Parousia was established in late 2004 and finally began performing live in the spring of 2006. Since that initial performance the band has gone from strength to strength. Highlights of 2007 included playing a 1-day local festival (Nailstock) to approximately 3,000 people and being taken to perform in Germany to represent our home town.”

lead guitarist1

“We also recorded and produced our current EP in 2007, traveling to the Apollo studios in Temple Bar, Dublin. Our main aspirations for the coming year are to break from our local scene and develop an awareness of our music elsewhere. We are also hoping to play on more festival stages.”

vocaist and bassist

“In sum, we are a very positive, forward thinking band. Our ambitions are great and we believe we have the potential and the song writing abilities to achieve them. We are driven by a desire to perform, to inspire others but most of all to enjoy the music. We hope you like what we do…”



Parousia on BBC Gloucestershire

Listen to the latest “Introducing” show, an internet-only showcase of Gloucestershire’s best unsigned bands 02/21/2008

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