Parousia (Arrian Delabahan) Sacramento, CA – Nicht Das!

If when looking for the rock band Parousia (from Buffalo, NY) you stumbled across Mr. Arrian Delabahan (Parousia) who was born and raised in San Francisco and moved to Sacramento in 1989, he is definitely not us, or, we are not him… or they? Not sure, Mr. Delabahan appears to be a solo artist who leans heavy on the ‘noise’ side of art.

Arrian Delabahan (Parousia) and his eclectic noise guitar set-up

Arrian Delabahan (Parousia) and his eclectic noise guitar set-up

Since 1987 Arrian played classical guitar and enjoyed death metal, thrash metal along with other art forms oil painting, drawing, and tattooing. Aside from creating just noise, Arrian would like to create noise that will accompany his paintings and drawings.

He uses his guitar in conjunction with his noise set-up. His goal is to create sounds that intertwine with each other. The same intertwining of sounds one would hear when listening to a Bach fugue.

NorCal 2014 noisefest XVIII

When last seen, Parousia (Arrian) performed for the NorCal Noisefest XVIII at Luna’s Café, on October 3, 2014 with a performance piece titled, “Mammon God Enslavement.”  He performed with bands having similar religious-themed names such as, “MOSES” and “SMITE”.

NorCal 2014

Were not sure what happened to Arrian Delabahan (aka: Parousia Sacramento, CA), the internet seems to be void of any recent information about the band… I hope he wasn’t smoten by SMITE, or smitten by MOSES.

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