Definitely Not Us – The Parousia, San Bernardino CA

Let’s start with this band.  Not bad, I’d sit through a set of them at a club.  Gotta love the designated screamer.  We have a few (ok, several) bands here in the Phoenix area who, for some reason, think it is a good idea to have a disturbed individual in the band whose only job is to scream into the microphone.  I don’t get it, but then again, I’m old school.  I prefer actual musicians over screamers, rappers and audio sample manipulators.  Anyway, enjoy.  (Why aren’t the rest of the band wearing those red sweaters?  That would be awesome!)

The Parousia at the Wire, Upland CA. 10.28.2011

The Parousia at the Wire, Upland CA. 10.28.2011

This video is from their first gig recorded live on October 28, 2011 at a club called “The Wire” in Upland CA.

Who is the guy in the red sweater jumping? ok… ok, got it – – designated screamer!!! (and growler) Whoa don’t get too close to that dude! Doesn’t he work in the cubicle right next to you? Ok that was actually pretty cool but… definitely not us!”

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  1. Gerry North
    July 1, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    The Parousia

    Ok, wow… I’m trying to absorb all this… very loud, raw and raucous.
    The drummer is kick ass… in fact all the players are good, but lord help me I just don’t get the music as a whole… I prefer music with a bit more melody and structure. The screaming man in the sweater is unique… and like Garth, I would like to see the entire band dress up in sweaters and ties and horn rimmed glasses. I like the jogging in place… perhaps they could market their songs on an exercise video? Or maybe a commercial for suicide prevention… “do you hear this in your head?” if yes, call us now before it’s too late”. Well, Parousia does mean the coming at the end of the world. So I guess if I hear this music blasting out of the heavens, I definitely know it’s time. Having said that, I would hang out in a club and watch them for a set or two… just keep the drinks coming (make them doubles please).

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