Rocumentary Turns Mockumentary! Parousia Fails to Stop Disputed Interview Series

Parousia In Studio Interviews – Gerry, Patt, Garth plus a special appearance from Robert Lowden

This is a story of what happened to the band after we filed a lawsuit against the record label…

Not long ago, Rock Dog Records canceled Parousia’s South of the Border tour (without telling us) and left us abandoned in Mexico. Don’t get me started on that… anyway, although Rock Dog never apologized, we settled our disagreement out of court. In exchange for dropping the lawsuit, Rock Dog agreed to produce and pay for promotion in the form of a Parousia “rockumentary”, featuring one-on-one exclusive interviews with band members, but in our case, it turned into a “mockumentary”, because we got sandbagged by the person hired to interview us. I swear this guy was out to get us from the very start, trying his best to frame us as horrible people!

The complete documentary series is now available on YouTube. We tried to block them legally but gave away those rights when we signed the deal.

That’s why the band is posting the interview series here, so that all our family, friends, and fans can see how badly we were treated, and then decide for yourselves …are we really the people portrayed in the interviews? Before you make up your mind, read on about what happened at the Hollywood screening and premier…

It’s like I was telling Joan at the Hollywood premiere, “I thought the interview series was going to be about Parousia’s music, but it felt more like a personal assault and an interrogation… He kept bringing up stuff that was not true, or partially true, or stuff the band paid-off to keep secret. I mean if we can’t rely on bribes, then what’s a band going to do?”

Entertainment reporter – Joan Rivers with Gerry Cannizzaro

Anyway, despite all that, some very cool celebrities showed up to screen the series and wish us well. I didn’t know Jim Carey was such a big fan of Parousia, but it turns out he has our entire music catalog, and says his favorite song is “I’m Going to Kill You” from Parousia’s “Life Is the Real” album. …Way to Go Mr. Carey, you have good taste!

Jim Carey with Gerry Cannizzaro

I was especially impressed to see that reclusive Jack Nicholson showed up. We hit it off pretty good and I felt comfortable venting about the record company cancelling our tour, and how they sandbagged us in the interviews. He said “Ger, I’ll tell you what, with my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson, without them I’m fat and in my 60’s. See what I’m telling you? …it’s all perception my man, what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good. Just remember, in Hollywood any press is good press.” We laughed at that and in parting he said, “You see in this industry, there are only two ways up the ladder, rung by rung or claw your way to the top. It’s sure been tough on my nails.” Thanks Jack… I think.

Gerry Cannizzaro and Jack Nicholson

Event Host and greeter Robert Downey Jr. guiding guests into the theater room

The master’s master of ceremonies – Mr. Robert Downey, Jr

Famed director Quentin Tarantino was hired to film the premier. Unfortunately, it was never finished as Rock Dog declined to pay for the post-production, citing “lack of interest”.

Quentin Doing His Thing Behind the Camera
Gerry at the Premier- Hanging out with a very convincing Marilyn Monroe Street performer

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