People’s Court

People’s Court – – Track 2 on the rare “Best of Parousia” CD

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Here’s a classic Parousia song, featuring heavy guitars, big drums, booming bass, vocals with attitude, and the signature flute work of Patt Connolly.  Sorry, nobody could make a flute sound like it belonged in (and owned!) rock and roll like Patt.  Even Ian Anderson would have to be envious.

This one was requested a lot live, by our loud and insistent fans, and has always been one of my personal favorites (but of course, listen to all that guitar), so naturally this is the first offering I have for you to check out.  Bring back memories, anyone?  Oh, yeah!

2 comments for “People’s Court

  1. Gerry North Cannizzaro
    January 26, 2013 at 5:39 pm


    “No prison for a gilded man”,
    the court screamed today.
    You got to dance with a hand inside your pocket book.
    They won’t notice the gun in the other.

    People’s Court… Glass society.

    There’s a boy stealing from another friend.
    Little smile bright as the sun, I’m sayin’,
    he don’t take no shit from anyone!
    Not bad sonny… who is your Father?

    People’s Court… Not a mockery.
    There’s no choice, death or poverty.

    We gotta’ get that Judge replaced.
    This justice system is a waste.
    We’re gonna’ have ourselves a taste…

    People’s Court… not a mockery.
    There’s no choice, death or poverty.

  2. Gerry North Cannizzaro
    January 26, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    The song, “Peoples Court” was recorded by Parousia at Loft Studios, 48 Dellwood Place. Buffalo, NY 14225.
    It was one of six songs recorded at Loft. The others were: “Keep Running”, “Caesar of the Modern Home, “All the Time in the World”, “She’s Movin’ out to L.A.” and “The Weekend Starts Tonight”. The recording project was funded by our band manager at the time, Rick Falkowski of Backstage Productions. Thank-you Rick!

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