Parousia: MTV Basement Tapes Award Competition

Parousia hears from MTV after submitting the infamous “Keep Running” video to MTV’s Basement Tapes Award Competition!

MTV LogoYes, we almost made it onto MTV, back in the day when MTV was cutting edge and actually showed music videos!  If you are older than dirt like us, you may remember the old “Basement Tapes” program that featured promising, up and coming, unsigned talent.  Hey, that described Parousia in 1985!

So yes, we submitted our “Keep Running” video (which is funny now, but was actually less cheesy than a lot of popular videos of the time, and not bad considering we had no budget other than beg, borrow and steal), and it was accepted initially.  But then came “the letter”, we got squeezed out of the airtime.  Those bastards!  Oh well, where is MTV now?  Even less relevant to music than Parousia.  See, if they had only featured our video, they would still be the market leader in breaking new music with bleeding edge technology today.

Here’s the letters, and some pictures of us just after receiving the deflating news.  Don’t we look frazzled and pathetic?  Send us a dollar.  Or, better yet, link to from your website, facebook, twitter, or whatever.  Aw, c’mon,help a brother out.

MTV Letter 02.15,1985 - accepted!

Parousia’s “Keep Running” Video is accepted for airplay on MTV’s “Basement Tapes” program! (Back when MTV actually showed music videos)

MTV letter August 1985 - Rejected!

MTV says, never mind.

Garth 'Sherwood' Huels - August 1985

Garth ‘Sherwood’ Huels – August 1985 – “Whaddya mean, MTV says I don’t look family friendly enough?”

Nicole Ashley (aka Debbie Sekera) - August 1985

Nicole Ashley – August 1985 – “So, I’m still not dating a rock star?”

Robert Stuart Lowden - August 1985

Robert Stuart Lowden – August 1985 – “What’s the code for “hitman” in the classifieds? Martha Quinn, you’re going down!”

Gerry North Cannizzaro - August 1985

Gerry North Cannizzaro – August 1985 – “At least I’m not that spider!”

Patt Connolly - August 1985

Patt Connolly – August 1985 – “I’ll start my own channel and call it VH1! Nah, that’ll never work.”

New from St. Joe's. Review mentioning 'Keep Running' video. Spring 1986

New from St. Joe’s. Review mentioning ‘Keep Running’ video. Spring 1986


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  1. GT Richards
    February 19, 2015 at 12:30 am

    I’m a St. Joe’s grad too!!! Class of ’83 \m/

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