Rehearsal At Mike Newell’s On Payne Ave. N. Tonawanda NY-1975

The Rock Band Parousia, Buffalo NY 1975-1976

The Rock Band Parousia, Buffalo NY 1975-1976

In spring of 1975 we started practicing our songs in my garage on Baxter Street in Riverside.  It was Barry, me and Patrick jamming out music next to my Dad’s oil-dripping Chevy Malibu station wagon near an animal hutch that housed a squirrel a rabbit, and a skunk. It smelled like an auto-body shop inside a zoo but we had no where else to go at the time.

Parousia first Band Shot (2) Dec 1975

Parousia 1975: Mike Newell (bass/sax/vocals); Barry Cannizzaro (vocals/guitar); Gerry Cannizzaro (drums/vocals); Steve Soos (keyboards/vocals); Patt Connolly (vocals/flute/sax).

In autumn of 1975 when Mike Newell joined the band, we began rehearsing in his basement on Payne Avenue, in North Tonawanda.  It smelled a lot better there and we were indoors plus occasionally his Mom would make us popcorn and serve refreshments.

Mike Newell Bass Guitar

Mike Newell joins Parousia October 27, 1975

Parousia first Band Shot (3) Dec 1975

Parousia 1975: Photo session at Mike Newell’s, N. Tonawanda, NY

In spring of 1976 Mike Newell’s folks ‘had enough’ of Parousia and so we had to relocate back to Riverside in my Grandmother’s basement (for summer) and garage (in winter).   But not before John McGovern, lead guitarist joined the band, who’s knowledge and expertise on live sound changed a lot for us.

John McGovern and his Gibson ES Hollowbody Electric Guitar

John McGovern (lead guitar/vocals) joins Parousia 1976

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